Friday, May 30, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Rev. Al Sharpton to be Appointed Interim White House Press Secretary

(MFNS) Washington DC - Middle Finger News has learned  from deep cover operatives within the White House, that Rev. Al Sharpton will be appointed as temporarily replacement for the resiging Jay Carney as spokesman of the Ministry of Truth on Monday. 

Our sources told us the President believes the savvy Mr. Sharpton's experience with scandals, his grasp of domestic affairs, and powerful command of the English language will help continue getting out the truth to the media and serve the administration well in the upcoming troubled months of elections and investigations. 


  1. I think it's a marvelous, stupendous, magnificent idea. Think of the questions and then think of the answers thank you we much. Oh the travesties that will be committed against the Englist language. Jan I surely love your twisted mind. :-)

  2. I cannot wait to this this if it happens. It would define this Administration down to it's toes.