Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Weinstein Apologist and Poster Boy For Mental Health Funding Gets New ABC Late Night Talk Show

 “Alec’s intellect, wit and wealth of life experience afford him a voice and perspective we haven’t seen
before in this format."
  - Channing Dungey, President of ABC Entertainment

As if ABC hasn't pushed the limits of good taste to the edge with the nasty hygiene challenged lookin' Whoopie Goldberg and the nasally Trump hating, self-loathing bigot from Queens NY, Joy Behar, along with the rest of the Cackling Hens of 'The View' in daytime talk, the brilliant people at ABC have decided to Baldwin all over late night.

For those of us who plan on not watching the Academy Awards will sadly miss a teaser for Alec Baldwin's 'Sunday With Baldwin' set to air right after the Oscars telecast. 

The powers that be at Disney/ABC see the man who the left is crediting with resuscitated Saturday Night Live by dawning a bad toupee and made the ancient sketch comedy show relevant again (as if making SNL great again means anything to the average American)means he gets a pass on his personal actions over all these years, including his disturbing interactions with women in the past, and attacking the accusers of his many Hollywood predator friends.
Looking Like He's Fresh From a Three Day
Drinking Binge, Bloated B List Actor

Alec Baldwin At A Recent Public Appearance

Maybe ABC will encourage Alec to open up and share his life stories and his history of Homophobic Rants,  or maybe his numerous  public acts of violence, or maybe even that time he gave the Big Apple a Big Middle Finger.  No, but because even though he's  has been bulldozing his way through the past few months, attacking anyone who disagrees with his stances on the #MeToo movement, he's still a darling of faggish NY stage theater crowd and good NY progtard. That, and he wears one of those goofy "I too have a gay hairdresser who makes me look like I'm a homeless wino" haircuts. Yeah, he gets a pass.

It's probably good that they scheduled Baldwin's show in late night where the low-info millennials seem to pool. If you remember his last unscripted shot at TV talk over at MSBNC. 'Up Late' with Alec Baldwin' was the painfully worst late-night talk show in the history of human media pathology. He's volatile, he's cantankerous, but for some reason people seem to like him.  Well, except Hollywood who won't touch him with a ten foot pole......

NBC: "No one could make a bigger mistake than we did hiring Megyn Kelly!"

ABC: "Hold my beer."

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