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Monday, September 3, 2018

John Kerry Doesn't Rule Out Joining the Dem's 2020 Circus

John Heinz-Kerry Tearfully Accepting the King’s Crown from The International Douchebag Society - 2014

In an interview Sunday with CBS Face The Nation Hostess, the lovely Margaret Brennan, the venerable Duke of Heinz -Earl of Ketchup - former Secretary of State John F. Kerry, refused to rule out a run for the White House in 2020, saying "talking about it now is just a distraction." In political speak he means if Dems can't win in the midterms, who'd want to be active in a party of a bunch of pathetic out-of-touch losers. Best known as husband of Teresa Heinz Kerry, the former senator and failed presidential candidate writes in his new book about John F. Kerry that "our nation is stronger when citizens stand up and decide that the way things are isn't the way things have to be." Like most democrats with acute TDS, he too fails to understand THAT'S WHAT THE LAST ELECTION WAS ALL ABOUT!

A multiple Purple Heart recipient now in private life where no one pays him any attention but his dogs, John F. Kerry laments on regrets about his miserable 2004 failed bid for the White House, including the choice of the lying lecherous pretty boy John Edwards as his running mate. John F. Kerry now sips chardonnay as he watches most of his political legacy, mainly the fraud of an Iran nuclear deal, the ridiculous climate change accord as well as the crown jewel of his foreign policy efforts, the Non-Aggression Pact with Canada, all being regulated to the dumpster of historical blunders by DJT.

And seeing John F. Kerry decided to use his high position to stir up some shit by personal calling out DMF's News Division 'Middle Finger News Service' at an International Awards Ceremony for our critical, but fair, coverage of his incompetent exploits as Barky's SOS, John F.Kerry made himself of one our favorite kick balls, giving us beaucoup amounts of material

But, in the name of healing the country and (to cultural appropriate a saying) bury the hatch so to speak, we at DMF/ MFNS wholeheartedly encourage John F. Kerry to seriously consider joining the Democrat Circus for 2020. You have so much to contribute. The Democrats need you Mr. Kerry.

(Sunday Morning) 
(The Musty Archive Vault of MFNS)
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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Dershowitz vs Kerry

John Kerry’s history on foreign policy throughout the years has been nothing short of a disaster.  Kerry ended his foreign policy career as Obama's Useful Idiot with a preposterous, rambling, lengthy speech poking a finger in the eye of Israel.

John Kerry: America's Worst Secretary of State

Let’s skip the formalities and stipulate that the Obama administration hates Benjamin Netanyahu. Most muslim sympathizers do.  That’s why Obama sent his campaign team to Israel to defeat PM Netanyahu.  And with that in mind, it didn’t take long for PM Netanyahu’s office to respond to Kerry’s speech, saying “For more than an hour, Kerry obsessed over the issue of settlements and hardly touched on the root of the conflict – Palestinian resistance to a Jewish state within any borders.”

Kerry’s inability or unwillingness to admit that the Palestinians have never negotiated in good faith with Israelis is the heart of the problem. It’s why Kerry’s diplomacy is such a failure. Later, PM Netanyahu added "Israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by foreign leaders."

Saying that relations between this administration and Israel are chilly is understatement. Saying that Secretary Kerry is more incompetent than Mrs. Clinton is mind-boggling. 

Alan Dershowitz’s op-ed in the Boston Globe obliterates Secretary Kerry’s speech. This paragraph alone obliterates most of Kerry’s BS:
"Before June 4, 1967, Jews were forbidden from praying at the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site. They were forbidden to attend classes at the Hebrew University at Mt. Scopus, which had been opened in 1925 and was supported by Albert Einstein. Jews could not seek medical care at the Hadassah Hospital on Mt. Scopus, which had treated Jews and Arabs alike since 1918. Jews could not live in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem, where their forbearers had built homes and synagogues for thousands of years. These Judenrein prohibitions were enacted by Jordan, which had captured by military force these Jewish areas during Israel’s War of Independence, in 1948, and had illegally occupied the entire West Bank, which the United Nations had set aside for an Arab state. When the Jordanian government occupied these historic Jewish sites, they destroyed all the remnants of Judaism, including synagogues, schools, and cemeteries, whose headstones they used for urinals. Between 1948 and 1967 the UN did not offer a single resolution condemning this Jordanian occupation and cultural devastation."
The Obama administration knew that this resolution would tip the international scales into the Palestinians’ favor. Here’s Dershowitz’s explanation of that:
"But that has now changed with the adoption of the Security Council Resolution. The UN has now determined that, subject to any further negotiations and agreements, the Jewish areas of Jerusalem recaptured from Jordan in 1967 are not part of Israel. Instead, according to the resolution, they are territories being illegally occupied by Israel, and any building in these areas — including places for prayer at the Western Wall, access roads to Mt. Scopus, and synagogues in the historic Jewish Quarter — “constitutes a flagrant violation under international law.” If that indeed is the status quo, absent “changes . . . agreed by the parties through negotiations,” then what incentives do the Palestinians have to enter negotiations?"
Barack Obama and his administration's hostility towards Israel has never been more openly displayed than during this past week. Without question, he’s been the most hostile, anti-Israel president in US history.  And John Kerry was his Toad.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

John Kerry Proves He's Still Inept at That Foreign Policy Stuff

Liberals are in hysterics and wetting themselves because the President went to Europe and talked tough to European allies and actually had the audacity to question why they don't pay their fair share in defending the continent from Russian aggression. And just like every other times Trump has done something they deem unusual or dangerous, he gets results and liberals are left looking embarrassingly for the next shiny object. As a result of Trump's straightforward tough talk, the NATO nations have agreed to increase their military spending and no one was harder hit than former Secretary of State John Kerry--The Earl of Ketchup/Duke of Heinz--who ceremoniously defined the role of top US diplomat with historic ineptitude and incompetence
"NATO leaders pledged their “unwavering commitment” to boost defense spending on Wednesday, following stern words from President Trump criticizing European leaders for spending too little. The U.S. and European allies signed a declaration stating they are “committed to improving the balance of sharing the costs and responsibilities of alliance membership.” The declaration comes after confrontational and testy discussions between Trump and other NATO leaders."
So Trump dresses down NATO about lack of military spending and they respond by increasing military spending. It seems so simple. Why couldn’t Kerry or Obama do this? I guess I answered my own question. Kerry and Obama.

Kerry posted a statement on the tweeter saying that Trump was “disgraceful and destructive” and called his statement “counter productive.” He also claimed that Trump had undermined the Obama administration’s efforts to get NATO to increase their military spending. I wonder if the news has reached him Trump actually got NATO to do this while he and Barky had failed so miserably.

Kerry implied Trump was stupid, which is funny coming from a guy who paid Iran pallets of cash to continue their nuclear weapons program. Kerry then tried to make it seem like he was tougher on Russia than Trump is. Yeah, same guy who sat around sipping Chardonnay with other useless diplomats as Russia annexed a large portion of the Ukraine. And all this coming from the Secretary of State who summed up the Clinton/Kerry foreign policy years; 'Nothing Says World Peace Like a Box of Potatoes'.

Obviously John Kerry is confused by foreign policy success. This is something he has never experienced before and it is frightening to him. It also probably doesn’t help that Trump’s winning makes Kerry look even more like a blathering idiot.

[La Libre Belgique]                                
[FOX News] 
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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Damn the Torpedoes...Full Speed Ahead

Seems the wealthy One Percenters , regardless of their position in government, don't like their holidays interrupted. John Kerry is no exception. Those CBS guys hanging out at Nantucket Sound taking pictures of butterflies or stuff just happened to find our Secretary of State at play while their allies, the Muslim Brotha Hoods was taking it on the nose. Initially the State Dept denied Kerry was out of pocket, but hey, that's not the first time they've lied to us, now is it.....

Naked DC
"I seem to recall, back in the early days of the 2012 elections, this unbelievable outpouring of anger towards Mitt Romney because the blueprints for his La Jolla beach-front home had a garage with a car elevator, even though Mitt Romney never claimed he would be playing around on it, moving his Cadillacs up and down while major foreign policy crisis were threatening to engulf the stability of a major world region. Regardless, being rich is probably stupid and makes you do douchebaggy things, like forget to tip a waitress on your Ace of Spades, and completely disqualifies you from holding higher office. And the reason that’s probably an idiomatic campaign idea is because people like John Kerry do, indeed, spend major holidays puttering around on their hundred-thousand-dollar boats and phoning into their jobs from secure cell phone lines. He tried to deny it, but turns out iPhones do have pretty good telephoto capabilities.  
"John Kerry’s spokesman has admitted the Secretary of State did go sailing off Nantucket as the Egyptian President was ousted from power after pictures emerged of him out on the water on July 4. The Secretary of State had been criticized yesterday for taking a vacation with his family at his holiday home in Nantucket, as Egypt plunged into crisis. New pictures of Mr Kerry on a kayak and a boat in Nantucket Sound on July 4 have surfaced after his spokesman had forcefully denied he went sailing after an earlier photo was posted to Twitter....." 
There’s probably a good explanation for all this. After all, we did spend all that money on Barack’s African vacation. It’s hard to imagine there was any room in Marine One’s line item budget to fly the Secretary of State back from New England for a military coup. And you just don’t mess with John Kerry’s vacation time.  
Read the whole Story Here

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

John Kerry Proves He's Still Inept at That Policy Stuff

Biden administration climate czar, the venerable Duke of Heinz - Earl of Ketchup - second rate former Secretary of State John Kerry, leaves Beijing with no deal, no potential deal, not a wisp of a deal, just his bag of dirty clothes. He announced Wednesday after three days of climate negotiations with Xi Jinping's government, he did succeed in having long and very detailed meetings with a lot very frank conversations, lots of fine dining and chardonnay, but it is clear that we are going to need a little more work to complete our task.  Translation: Kerry failure to return with any sort of climate agreement comes as another embarrassment to the Biden administration.

During Kerry's time in Beijing, Xi poured cold water on the Biden administration's attempts at climate diplomacy by not meeting with Kerry during the visit and on Tuesday, reiterating his nation's climate goals "will never be influenced by others." Xi basical told Kerry to have a fortune cookie and buzz off horseface. We got coal power plants to build. 

Leaving Beijing, Kerry looked "haggard and somewhat out of his mind", ranting about conservative bloggers in the U.S. making fun of him, and that he "needed an earth shaking international agreement to show those bastards!"

John F. Kerry, the multiple Purple Heart recipient no one pays any attention but his dogs, now desperately watches most of his political legacy, mainly the fraud of an Iran nuclear deal, the ridiculous climate change accord as well as the crown jewel of his foreign policy efforts, the Non-Aggression Pact with Canada, all being regulated to the dumpster of historical blunders.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

☪ A Foreign Policy Black Comedy ☪

Kerry Seen Leaving Recent  Iranian Negotiations 
Known affectionately here at DMF as the "Earl of Ketchup" and "The Duke of Heinz", John Kerry can now add a  third honor to his  royalist list of titles - "The Prince of Fools" 

Ricochet - You must give John Kerry credit. Who else could play the idiot with a straight face like he can. Again, he knocked me to the floor with a comment so devoid of intelligence, so totally inane as to astound beyond all credence. Truly he is the Prince of Fools.
"U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said a speech by Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on Saturday vowing to defy American policies in the region despite a deal with world powers over Tehran’s nuclear program was “very troubling.”
“I don’t know how to interpret it at this point in time, except to take it at face value, that that’s his policy,” he said in the interview with Saudi-owned Al Arabiya television.
“But I do know that often comments are made publicly and things can evolve that are different. If it is the policy, it’s very disturbing, it’s very troubling.....” 
The man has just concluded a complete major treaty with the Iranians. The administration just ran to the U.N. so they could lift vitally important sanctions from Iran, giving them the green light for further aggression. They did this before Congress, as agreed, could have a say, and as if the Congressional right to ratify treaties, under the Constitution, were something that could be waved. Now, he’s “disturbed” that the hideous tyrannical regime with which he’s been negotiating for years is just what it appears: a lawless monster intent on the destruction of America, Israel, and any rival in the Middle East.

“If it is the policy, it’s very disturbing, it’s very troubling.”
The Supreme Leader of an absolute theocratic dictatorship publicly announced this, to mass rallies, and Kerry says “If it is the policy.” He’s just given away the store at the U.N., and now, a few days later, he is very disturbed and troubled.

Absolutely amazing! This is for the Idiot Olympics. Kerry is in a class by himself.  

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kerry Seals Historic Non-Aggression Pact with Canada

"Peace in Our Time"

Despite the prospect of escalating war in the Middle East, the free world can breathe a little easily today with the signing of the North American Non-Aggression Pact between Canada and the U.S. in Ottawa Last Night.

(MFNS) Ottawa - "Peace in our time" declared U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry as he held a puppy tightly while standing next to a befuddled Canadian Minister of National Defense, Rob Nicholson and a small contingent of reporters outside the Royal Canadian Hall in Ottawa last night. 

"At last the specter of death and destruction that have held the people of our two great nations in the grip of fear and uncertainty has be exorcised" Kerry told the crowd. 

Later, the Canadian Ministry told MFNS  that Kerry's plane radioed he was on a secret mission and requested landing rights at a Royal Canadian Airbase. Kerry rushed to the Ministers side and began babbling  incoherently about an agreement between the two nations. 

"At first I though I was being punked, as you Americans call it, by some ridiculous late night program.  But it soon became apparent The Secretary was serious."

Nicholson told us Kerry "looked scary, haggard and somewhat out of his mind", ranting about conservative bloggers in the U.S. making fun of him, and that he "needed an earth shaking international agreement to show those bastards!"

"Just between us", Nicholson told us, "I suspected Secretary Kerry was still a bit ill from his recent butt fat injections or had been dipping into his wife's ant-psychotic medications, so we just played along with the whole thing for his benefit."

There has been no word from the White House, but when told of the agreement, Vice President Joe Biden said " this just proves John Kerry and former Secretary of State Hillary Swank made us a formidable team of diplomats  that understand the difficult workings of international affairs almost as much as I do, and with this agreement have brought peace to the Canadian Continent ."     

Friday, April 11, 2014

Jimmy Carter Gives Hillary a Kick in the Cankles

Jimmy Carter, America's favorite 2nd worst President, known for unpresidential like criticism of his successors is still out there writing books, giving droning speeches and on an unending mission to rehabilitate his image, is almost as reliable as Joe Biden when it comes to buffoonish comments.  Among others, calling Barack Obama a "Black Boy" at the 2008 Democrat Convention. But like a clock that's right twice a day, he sometime blindly stumbles headlong into the truth. 

Case in point: Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton took very little action as secretary of State to bring about peace. It was only John Kerry’s coming into office that reinitiated all these very important and crucial issues".
Spot on Jimmy! (be careful, there's a war on women going on ya know).
But then after kicking Hillary, he veers off into Jimmy Carter Land again and starts praising John Kerry and Obama's foreign policy".  
"John Kerry has been successful as Secretary of State because President Obama has been deeply involved in the foreign policy issues of his second term. Since he took over in early 2013 as America’s top diplomat, Kerry has made enormous strides in negotiating with the Israelis and Palestinians, and putting an interim nuclear deal with Iran into motion."
It could be age, but Jimmy doesn't seem to recall the embarrassing Syrian debacle, Putin thumbing his nose at Dear Leader and Kerry just last week whining after making a mess that "mid-east peace had gone Poof. If a peace process can go “poof,” it can’t have been much of a peace process to start with. 

I'm sure Jimmy will be good for a noteworthy comment or two leading up to the presidential primaries, especial if the 2016 Democrat nomination comes down to the party's two paragons of Foreign policy, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. Oh, what a debate that will be. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Rumors of John Kerry and a Noble Peace Prize

Earl of Ketchup -The Duke of Heinz
WFB - Growing speculation that John Kerry will receive a Nobel Peace Prize for finalizing the Iranian nuclear deal is generating renewed criticism of his close relationship with the Iranian foreign minister, Javad Zarif, a key public face for the theocratic regime who is rumored to be a probable co-recipient with Kerry.
Rumors have been circulating for months that Kerry and Zarif will be co-selected for the prize. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, a leading Swedish think-tank, recommended in July that the two be selected for the Nobel in 2016.
Lawmakers and Washington insiders who have worked for years on the Iran portfolio have reacted with shock to the rumors, telling the Washington Free Beacon in multiple interviews that both Kerry and Zarif are unfit to receive the prize:
“We have seen Nobel Prizes that appeared to be awarded to people who have acted staunchly to the detriment of Israel’s existence, and if that is their inclination this time, I think Secretary Kerry should be first runner up for the Nobel Prize, right behind the Ayatollah,” said Rep. Louie Gohmert (R., Texas)....." 

A Noble Prize would be the 'Cream de la cream' of Kerry's tenure in office, who over the  difficult period of negotiations sustained 4 different serious wounds, including a broken leg, and awarded (to himself) a record number of  Purple Heart Medals for wounds sustained in service to his country. 

Thursday, February 4, 2021

That Time John Kerry Had His Fill of DMF/Middle Finger News Service and His Cheese Slipped Off His Cracker

Since Joe Biden has chosen to grace us again with the always effervescent public presence of one of our favorite kickballs, none other than the Earl of Ketchup, John Kerry, we decided to open the dank archives of DMF and drag out into the light some of our favorite John F. Kerry post from the long ago Barky Obama years. Good Times. Good Times.

MFNS - Secretary of State John F. Kerry (he fought in Vietnam you know) has called out 'Middle Finger News Service' as a pitiful Unamerican / Uncosmopolitan “satire” outlet and threatened humanitarian annihilation, if we do not shape up.

Below is a partial transcript of his remarks at the "Societe De Douchebag Internationale" convention yesterday, and I promise you, sh*t  getting real.....

"The illegitimate 'Middle Finger News' editorial regime and its vicious hack collaborators, for too long, have defied the wrath of the International Community.   These despicable hooligans truly are “Sinners in the Hand of an Angry Military-Industrial Complex,” and its about time they started to show accountably for their venomous use of free speech and abuse of the people's Internet. 
Their crimes against breadsticks are simply intolerable. It is over 72 hours since either a new post or even a meager, petty, individual comment on MFNS has mentioned the Olive Garden fiasco. How much longer does Our Common Humanity have to wait?"
"I know not with what weapons President Assad has fought with, because we haven't had a chance to think about this one yet. But what I do know is that our war of eternally compassionate and brutally sympathetic attrition with the bitter, hard-boiled Middle Finger News dogmatists and ideological fanatics will be fought with… um, Syrian cooking pots.”
"You know who said that? Yes, that’s right.
No, not Assad, he’s kind of our second-best frenemy right now. I mean, it's getting to the point where he needs us more than we need him. Unacceptable. But kinda acceptable too.  Or is it?
No, not that Indian guy. No, not Einstein either. Someone a bit closer to home. A great man of peace.  I Thought it was pretty obvious who is the Great Emancipator and Man of Eternal Pacific Justice in our time.
Anyway… I've told you what's what, and who our enemies are for the time being…Until we decide (or at least do not decide) otherwise, in light of the purely value free and objective given constraints and opportunities. 
You know, I really hate these guys. Just ‘cos.  Well, that's enough, right?  Well, maybe.
Still, the other side of this dilemma, which is equally important, and of equal strategic importance to us all, is that Middle Finger News Service is an eternally radiant beacon of Voltairean irony and satire, carrying the eternal flame of Paine and Jefferson across all the boundless, blooming spaces of the information superhighway…...the sole and sufficient hope in which all meager, starved, and sore thirst seekers of satire may put their trust; and ever abide in the tender bowels of humor, the greatest gift among gods and people.
No, shut up!
No, don’t worry, that was technically a malapropism, not a flip-flop as such. Well, I guess it depends on how you look at it.  Nope! Sorry! You're not having that one. No woolly compromises. 
This time. No, no, no! This time, it's gotta be one or the other."

And then it got weird.

I was… let’s say, I was in agreement with half of what Kerry said.
Work it out for yourself.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Petition Begins to Remove AC from State Department

John F'ing Kerry (he fought in Vietnam ya know)

It's High Time Our Leaders Lead By Example

Recently our illustrious Secretary of State John Kerry announced to a gathering of world dignitaries almost as smart as he is that air conditioners and refrigerators are as big of a threat to life as the threat of terrorism posed by groups like the Islamic State. Kerry was in Vienna to amend the 1987 Montreal Protocol that would phase out hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, from basic household and commercial appliances.

“As we were working together on the challenge of [ISIS] and terrorism.  It’s hard for some people to grasp it, but what we–you–are doing here right now is of equal importance because it has the ability to literally save life on the planet itself.”
After John Kerry announced that Air Conditioners are as big a threat as ISIS,  a petition began to get him to put his money where his big mouth is.


WHEREAS, Secretary of State John F. Kerry has suggested that air conditioners are as big a threat as ISIS, and
WHEREAS, it is the duty of our elected and appointed government officials to lead by example,
THEREFORE, we call upon the U.S. Department of State to remove air conditioning from all property that the Department owns, rents, or otherwise employs, including but not limited to embassies, consulates, office buildings, etc., all vehicles owned and/or operated by the Department, and any other property, real or movable, owned, rented, or otherwise employed by the Department.
(Click through to sign Here)

And we thought that Joe Biden held the governmental permit to making incredibly stupid statements....... 

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

John Kerry Flies Headlong Into the Belly of the Beast

Facing down danger as he had many times as a valiant soldier in Vietnam, Secretary of State John Kerry bravely flew headlong into the middle east chaos, flying to Tel Aviv today from Cairo, where he had met Tuesday with Egypt’s president and other high-level officials.  Arriving in Cairo, Kerry and his State Department team were subjected to a humiliating metal detector screening before meeting with President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi at the Egyptian presidential palace. Kerry failed the screening twice before the cause of the alarms were detected.

Kerry released a statement late Wednesday from Tel Aviv saying a major agreement had been sealed with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu giving Kerry assurances that the Walmart store in Gaza will not be hit by his country’s precision bombing. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Iranian News Media Out Alex Joneses Alex Jones

 Noted Wing-Nut Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones 

Iranian media beats Jones to the scoop, refutes  John Kerry 
was hurt in a cycling accident.

The Iranian news media has erupted with rumors that Secretary of State John Kerry was not injured last week in a fall from his bicycle in Switzerland, but rather he was the target of an assassination attempt while meeting with Islamic State terrorists.

The Clownish Iranian media, known for reporting "conspiracy theories" in the past, such as a September report that Israel was spearheading a dangerous global plot to spread the Krav Maga martial arts worldwide and a December report that Israel was building settlements in Iraq.

Jerusalem Post
"The latest Iranian report, first published by the Nasim news agency and subsequently picked up by dozens of Iranian news sites, based its information on "an American news website" which cites a Russian foreign intelligence service report as the source of the information.  
According to the report in Nasim, Kerry secretly met with one of the leaders of Islamic State on Sunday. The meeting eventually led to an armed clash and an attempt to assassinate the US secretary of state.
Kerry's meeting, in which the alleged assassination attempt took place, was with Gulmurod Khalimov, a senior Tajik police commander, trained in the United States, who announced his defection to Islamic State in a video released last week, the report states.
Having received training from the US State Department previously, Khalimov was well aware of State Department security procedures and he used the knowledge to get another member of his entourage into the secret meeting with Kerry, with the intention of assassinating him, the report claims.
The report cited communications intercepted by Russian intelligence from France, the US and Switzerland as confirming that two other people were shot in the incident, one of them fatally.
The story of Kerry breaking his femur in a bicycle accident in Switzerland was then concoted to hide the real source of his "grave injuries," according to the report. "

Monday, March 28, 2016

John Kerry Cringes at GOP’s Perception Overseas

Our Honorable Doofus of State

Secretary of State John Kerry said on national television the Republican Party is an embarrassment to the United States because of the recent rhetoric that’s hailing from the GOP presidential campaign trail.  He mentioned specifically in an appearance on CBS's “Face the Nation” that the talk among some Republicans about barring Muslim entry into the country, or policing Muslim-dominated neighborhoods in America, or waterboarding those captured by U.S. intelligence officials, are all proving "an embarrassment to our country. It' upsets people's sense of equilibrium about our steadiness, about our reliability."
"Everywhere I go, every leader I meet, they ask about what is happening in America. They cannot believe it. I think it is fair to say that they're shocked. They don't know where it’s taking the United States of America."
Kerry, who also defended President Obama’s stay in Latin America both during and after the Brussels terrorism attack, a decision that sparked criticism from many in the Republican camp and among the media, for the public relations message it sent, then said the optics of the GOP campaign don’t look good on the international stage.

Seeing Mr. Kerry has spent most of his tenure dealing making concessions to our enemies, and his predecessor did much else but sip cocktails with world leaders while the Middle East fell into chaos, rather then projecting the power of the United States, we can only believe the "Leaders" he speaks of believe the U.S. is not as "Enlightened" as them. And our enemies see us as weak.

Yes Mr. Kerry, you and your predecessor over the last 7 years have projected nothing but weakness in negotiations and actions, and set the bar so low that when Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz speak from a position of strength and power in domestic and foreign affairs, it's hard for foreign governments to believe, and it's scares it should. 

Saturday, December 29, 2018

John Kerry Believes In Border Wall Security - As Long As It Pertains To His Family's Palatial French Villa

 Earl of Ketchup - Duke of Heinz

Following the law is for the little people. Walls and enforcing secure borders is only for rich elites. That seems to be the conclusion as the family of John Kerry continues to fight rules about land access around the family's Palatial French Villa, while demanding that migrants, hikers and the great unwashed be kept away from their multi-million dollar property.

The former senator, presidential candidate, and least effective U.S. Secretary of State of the past 50 years, spends a significant amount of time at his family’s ancestral home in Saint-Briac-sur-Mer, (away from the crazy Heinz Ketchup Lady) along a pristine stretch of France's Brittany coast, where unicorns are born. Kerry's grandfather James Forbes bought the Essarts castle in Saint-Briac in 1928 and it has remained in the family since, being rebuilt as a villa after it was confiscated and later destroyed during World War II. Hikers demanding right of way along the pristine stretch of coast are locked in a legal war with the coastal villa owners in a posh resort town. Under French law the country’s coastlines must be accessible to all, similarly to Britain's "right to roam" rules.

But for decades Saint-Briac leaders have steadfastly refused to obey via a series of legal moves, in particular Brice Lalonde — Kerry’s first cousin. Now, the family of the liberal icon is doing everything they can to keep those pesky commoners and dirty migrants from stepping foot near their villa. The proposed path will "impact the well-being of residents by knocking down their walls and ruining their privacy," Lalonde told AFP in a statement. 

Kerry’s extended family is said to be worried about the “terrorist risks” of allowing common people onto the beach as French law requires, and fretted that “it will be fairly easy to target members of my family who are politically active. The same open-borders liberals declare that building walls to prevent illegal entry is racist — and don’t even think about suggesting that unrestricted migration or open access could be exploited by terrorists. But if you’re a powerful former senator or his wealthy family, none of that applies. Suddenly, walls are amazing and keeping people from walking near your property. That they could be terrorists is suddenly hugely important.

The hypocrisy and double-standards are just too much. One set of rules for thee, and one set for me. Liberal elitism has once again been exposed as a power-consolidating sham.

(Western Journal - CT)
(Agence France-Presse)

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Obama Considering Earl of Ketchup for Defense Secretary

Sen. John Kerry - Heinz (D-Mass)
Keeping with his theme of America as a defender of freedom and a Military Power in the world, the Washington Post  hints President Obama is considering the appointment of The Duke of Heinz / The Earl of Ketchup - U.S. Senator John Kerry (D-Mass) to the cabinet office of Secretary of Defense.

One of the wealthy 1%, Sen.Kerry, a Navy veteran turned anti-war activist and critic of the use of the military by Reagan, Bush 41 and 43, campaigned for the presidency in part against Bush 43's efforts at waging of war on terror (while never criticizing the bombing of civilians during Clinton's misuse of the air force in Kosovo and ignoring the rivers of Rwanda running red with blood and headless bodies). Testifying in 1970 to a Senate Committee, he accused the US of war crimes.  

Before his anti-war days, Sen. Kerry spent a four-month tour of duty in Vietnam receiving 3 Purple Hearts from a grateful nation for wounds, including shooting himself in the leg and the most serious suffered using an MRE can opener in Saigon in 1969. It is believed he was sent home for his own protection.....

With a former first lady as Secretary of State and Senator Kerry as Defense Secretary I'm sure our enemies in the world will certainly fear America enough to behave themselves while we fix our own problems here at home.  

Friday, October 9, 2015

I Doubt They Really Care What John Kerry Thinks......

Secretary of State John Kerry Thursday told Russia that the U.S. has "concerns" that most of Russia's military actions in Syria are not targeting the Islamic State, and instead are defying U.S. policy by targeting groups that oppose Syrian President Bashar Assad.  Putin is showing just how embarrassingly weak Barack Obama really is on the World Stage in his faculty-lounge fantasy world, and just how pathetic John Kerry can look..... 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"Live Shot" John and the Largest Art Heist in History

BOSTON – The FBI has positively identified the two robbers who in 1990 committed the largest art heist in history, stealing over $500 million worth of masterpieces from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. 

The pair gained admission to the lightly guarded museum after midnight on March 18, 1990 by posing as uniformed Boston police officers. Their haul included one of the 36 known paintings by 17th century Dutch master Johannes Vermeer. In addition, three Rembrandts and 13 other pieces were stolen.

One of the identified thiefs was a local ex-con who was free only because his lawyer, now Secretary of State John Kerry, was able to get his first-degree murder conviction overturned in 1982. 

The works of art have never been recovered.

The museum is offering a $5 million reward for the return of the paintings and other assorted items. The Vermeer painting, The Concert, may be the most valuable missing artwork in the world. Its current estimated value is $250 million. Among the stolen Rembrandts is a tiny self-portrait and The Storm on the Sea of Galilee, the Dutch master’s only seascape.

Kerry’s client, George Reissfelder, was a career criminal who was convicted of murdering a guard during a robbery in South Boston in 1966. Kerry and Law partner Roanne  Sragow were appointed by the court to handle Reissfelder’s appeal as Kerry began running for lieutenant governor in 1982.  Despite what had become overwhelming evidence of Reissfelder’s innocence, many in the criminal-justice system were reluctant to hand the showboating swift boat veteran a high-profile legal victory in the midst of his campaign.

Even then, Kerry was widely disliked by many in state politics for his shameless self-promotion, preening and thin skin. For his love of television appearances, he was known as “Liveshot.”

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

John Kerry Voted Dead Last in Terms of Effectiveness

Least effective U.S. Secretary of State of the past 50 years

Foreign Policy magazine this week announced the results of its 2014 Ivory Tower survey of 1,615 international relations scholars from 1,375 U.S. colleges. The survey quizzed respondents about recent historical events and future policy challenges.  Among the questions ask in the survey: who was the most effective secretary of state over the past 50 years?

Not good news for for the Earl of Ketchup.

The winner of the polling was Nobel Peace Prize winner Henry A. Kissinger, who was secretary for four years during the Nixon and Ford administrations. Kissinger got 32.21 percent, extraordinary in such a large field.

Don’t Know” came in a relatively distant second, with 18.32 percent.

James Baker, Secretary of State in the George H. W. Bush administration, who was actually the most effective secretary in the last 50 years, came in third at 17.71 percent, just behind Dr. Know.

Madeleine Albright and Hillary Clinton tied for fourth at 8.70 percent. (no doubt voted high by female scholars for obvious reasons).

And Pulling up the rear, Lawrence Eagleburger came in 12th place with only 0.31 percent.

And dead last, was John Kerry. He got a total of two votes of the 660 scholars who responded.

It can't be very comforting to Sec. Kerry that he polled behind  Eagleburger, who was only secretary of state for six weeks. (insert laugh track here)

And to think, this is the man who democrats put their faith in to defeat George Bush and become the 44th President of the United States......

You can read more about the survey Here

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

John Kerry is on Quite a Roll Lately

First he compared Israel, our most strategic ally, to an apartheid state. Now he’s revealing what Leftists really think about religion and absolute truth in general:
“Some people believe that people ought to be able to only do what they say they ought to do, or to believe what they say they ought to believe, or live by their interpretation of something that was written down a thousand plus, two thousand years ago. That’s not the way I think most people want to live.” 
Ironically, Kerry is condemning himself with these words.

See, like many Leftists, Kerry will claim to be Catholic but that “he can’t impose his personal beliefs” on others in the public sphere. But then he will turn right around and bastardize and distort all kinds of Christian teaching to justify his belief in a welfare state, thus imposing his private religious beliefs upon public policy. That in and of itself is his own interpretation of his thousands of years old religion. By making the value statement that he gets to decide what and when to keep his private thoughts private or impose them on you (“ye be like God” anyone?), Kerry is guilty of the very reasoning he says he’s against.

"The double-minded man is unstable in all his ways."

I’ll give Kerry credit for one thing. Normally we don’t get to hear what Leftists really believe because they get away with just calling all of us names. But in this statement Kerry is letting you know that when you remove all the enlightened and empty rhetoric about tolerance, fairness, and justice, at its core theirs is a worldview first spoken into the world with forked tongue.

 Quote Source-Weekly Standard