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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

“Blood and Revenge are Hammering in my Head.”

If you ask a casual reader of Billy Shakespeare to name the Bard’s most villainous character, odds are the answer will be Richard III. Hands Down. Richie is indeed a murderous scoundrel. From the very first scene, he tells the audience exactly who he is, what he’s planning to do, and why. There’s no mystery to Richard.

But some readers more familiar with Shakey's plays may suggest a lesser known Aaron, the villainous Moor from Titus Andronicus.  Aaron is a black guy who torments, well, just about everyone.  He’s a freed prisoner of war, the lover and consigliere of Tamora, the Goth queen who marries the Emperor Saturninus.  Aaron’s got power, swag, riches, and hot jewel draped babes to lay.  And yet.....he’s unsatisfied. Material success is not what matters to him.

He despises the whites, foes and allies alike, and he’s driven by a compulsion to destroy their society. Unlike in the case of Richie III, Shakey never offers a glimpse into what makes Aaron tick.  No monologue or soliloquy about wrongs done to him in the past or evils perpetrated by whites that made him the monster he is. But Aaron is very defensive about his race; he defiantly throws it in the face of other characters.

But throughout the entire course of the play, no one oppresses him specifically because of his race. Indeed, his race does not hinder his estimable success. He's living the high life as a black man basking in luxury among whites....respected, feared, obeyed by those in power, and yet everything he does is geared toward punishing those who elevated him and destabilizing the society that allowed him to achieve influence.  And you just want to say to the guy.....what the fuck is your problem man?

The sweet Tamora asks that very question:
My lovely Aaron, wherefore look’st thou sad, 
When every thing doth make a gleeful boast?
Aaron’s reply?
Vengeance is in my heart, death in my hand,
Blood and revenge are hammering in my head. 
But why? Why the anger and hatred? By not answering that question, Shakey has inadvertently given us the most relevant 21st-century black character of any playwright in history.

A character living in a society in which he is afforded all possible opportunities while, even as he takes advantage of those opportunities, he harbors nothing but hostility toward the majority population, even if he can point to no specific reason why they deserve such enmity. His very identity is based upon hatred of whites.

There’s no specific wrong that’s being avenged or injury that served as a catalyst for the rage. There’s just an angry black man who looks gift horses in the mouth and yanks their teeth for pleasure. A black man who finds more satisfaction in being at war than he does from achieving success. A black man who feels entitled to that war, even if he cannot name a single concrete reason why he personally should be.

Behold the black New York Times and Washington Post and MSNBC journalists. The black Biden administration officials and the black Hollywood producers. The black athletes and academics, all who live lives that would make 98% of people on earth green with envy, yet who seem to find fulfillment only in anti-white, anti-West rage. Vengeance is in my heart, death in my hand, Blood and revenge are hammering in my head.

If you could hear the innermost thoughts of someone like the NYT’s 1619 project author Nikole Hannah-Jones, or that vile media pustule Joy Reid, that’s exactly what would be playing on a loop.

Thug life Shakespeare!

*Note - Of course, the slobbering "Woke" academics are now injecting the "Critical Race Theory" into classic works such as Shakey's plays, and read what was not there until they put it there: "We have this Black character, Aaron, who is… pretty much any negative stereotype you can think of that relates to the Black identity, he embodies it. So, we’re talking about hypersexuality is embedded in his character. Evil is embedded in his character. Violence, of course, is embedded in his character. He even talks at one point about how blood and revenge are hammering in his brain."

[Folgers Shakespeare Library]
[Excerpts from David Cole @ Taki Mag]

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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

No Time for Fact-Checking?? Russian Foreign Ministry Lady Kicks CNN Square in the Nads.

A Russian Foreign Ministry Lady has delivered a sharp kick to the groin of CNN after the alleged news network used a misleading month old video to illustrate an article about Russia’s purported war preparations.

In a message to the network, worthy of a most excellent Snark Mistress, she wrote:
"Dear CNN TV channel and its staff. We realize that you have no time for fact-checking, since you’re so immersed in ideological struggle for the triumph of liberalism,  but to present Ukrainian tanks at a Ukrainian train station, with Ukrainian train carriages in the background, as Russia’s preparations for war is a bit too much."
But she wasn't through with them. Seems she's fully aware of the network's reporters propensity for vodka shots and Hot Russian babes:
"Perhaps CNN correspondents in Moscow should devote more time to their professional duties rather than focus on participating in public night life in Russia."
Pretty ironic for a boastful network that claims the media's personal eagle eyed fact checkin' watch dawg hall monitor, the bulbous headed weenie Tater Stelter.

[Sputnik News]
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Presenting Your Crazy Person Du Jour:

As the renowned Philosopher and Alabama Football Legend Forrest Gump is rumored to once opined "Mu Momma told me it's not nice to make fun of crazy ladies with green hair".

My Momma made no such proclamation.  

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A Good Monday Morning

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I Found It. I Finally Found It: The Stupidest Thing Said on the Internet. And It Didn't Even Come From CNN!

I had just about given up trying to decide what was the dumbest political quote, said in all seriousness, that I'd seen on the internet.....till I read this one below. I don't know who David X. Machina is, and don't really care. But I say he should be the first sent to Mars to look around, and told don't call us, we'll call you.

If You Can Beat That One, Post It...... 

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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Anthony Fauci Please Pick Up the White Courtesy Phone.

President 46* announced today that every adult in the US will be allowed to receive a COVID-19 vaccine by April 19 — shaving about two weeks off his May 1 deadline, a date probably chosen for him because it would be easy to remember, for states to make all adults eligible.  Good Jobs Joe!

Just so happens, it's exactly what someone was ruthlessly excoriated for saying by the political virus experts and Jeff Bezos' personal troopers of his 'Guardians of Truth'.  A quick search on the Google Box show nary a peep now from The Washington Post. 


We Are Governed by People Who Suck

Let’s face it: Joe Biden sucks.

Everything about his presidency sucks. He sucks as a messenger, his economic policies suck, he completely sucks as a truth-teller. He sucks in the integrity department.  And people suffering from the debilitating effects of old age can tell you that absolutely sucks. You are not the person you used to be, and you can’t do the things you used to do. Joe Biden sucked before he became increasingly, cruelly incapacitated by the decline of his faculties.

Last weeks Potemkin sham of a press conference, in which pre-written questions and scripted answers replaced an honest dialogue with the American people over the state of our union, made that clear. That press conference sucked. It wasn’t a press conference; it was a book report.

We shouldn’t have been forced to embrace Biden’s suck. Biden’s family sucks for putting him, and us, through what’s going to obviously get much worse over time. This man has the toughest job in the world, and it’s obvious he’s not up to the task. If you can’t answer questions off the cuff from an almost universally friendly press corps, it means you suck at the job. We’ve had presidents who have sucked before. But not since Woodrow Wilson had a stroke in office and finished his second presidential term as an invalid, mostly comatose, with his wife running the country as a proxy president, have we had a situation sucking as badly as this one clearly will.

What’s worse is even now, we really don’t know who’s running the country. It’s supposed to be the guy we elected. The president is supposed to be in charge. Is Joe Biden in charge? He doesn’t even know what he’s doing here. He says it all the time. And the world is watching.

For more than three decades now the Democrat Party has had as its chief project the covering up of just how badly it sucks. If I had to guess I would say we’re being governed by a cabal of four, maybe five people: Susan  Rice is probably a proxy for Barack Obama, so you can toss him in as a Billy Preston to the Four Beatles of the American Apocalypse. Or maybe the Spice Girls. Because these people are not the Beatles. The Beatles didn’t suck....."

Here’s the problem: at some point, you just can’t cover it up. At some point you just plain suck. Last weeks press conference might well have been that point. This sucks. And it’s going to suck a lot worse going forward....."


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DELTA AIRLINES Gets Involved in Politics, Georgia House Plans to Makes Them Pay.

Activist and Imaginary Governor of Georgia - Tank Abrams

Georgia House Republicans have voted to strip Delta Air Lines of a jet fuel tax break worth tens of millions of dollars Wednesday after the company condemned the state’s new laws that protects voters from fraud and illegal voters.  According to FORBES,  Delta has joined a growing list of corporate executives and Hollywood soft skulls who have criticized the new legal vote safeguards amid a debate over boycotting Georgia's biggest companies.

The move was in response to CEO Ed Bastian condemning Georgia’s voting bill, who described it as “unacceptable” and not matching “Delta's values." I'm not sure what Delta thinks it's values are outside of what should be their obvious concern about making air travel safe. 

A number of prominent Georgia-based companies condemned the law after pressure grew from holier-than-thou activists like Tank Abrams. The bill, introduced towards the very end of the legislative session, was not taken up by the Senate before it adjourned and has not yet become law.

The media, who are carrying the water for Georgia's inbreed  democrats, continue to repeat misinformation that the bill would shorten early voting hours, limit early voting and outlaw non-poll workers handing out water or food to waiting voters, all of which have proven to be a false narrative. Surprise Surprise!

Let's hope this is a start of messaging to corporations to stay in they lane and ignore the self righteous overly-woke activist and take care of their own business.

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When Deep Thinking Goes Off the Rails

Like most people, I like to think I'm a deep thinker. I do my best thinking in the shower. As readers of this blog I'm sure you would agree it doesn't always translate to this page. (I see you nodding your head in agreement). Some people, it seems, let their deep thinking lead them straight into the land of crazy. As days go by, it's becoming more and more apparent we are being ruled by deep thinkers who regularly wander said land of crazies.

Case in point is revealed in this quote from our betters at the Washington Post that claims some inside the WH think Biden's infrastructure bill’s emphasis on major physical infrastructure investments ‘reflects a dated nostalgia’ for white, working-class, male workers".  Yes, somehow these nut sacks have managed to connect some unrelated dots to conclude roads and bridges are racist and sexist.  And it’s pretty obvious that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, has wandered off the beaten path into crazy. This is why satire is so difficult to write anymore. Check this out:

Subtract roads??? WTF! I want nice wide, smooth roads and dependable bridges to run my 345HP Infinity road-burner on.

Secretary Pete, who couldn't fill a pothole in South bend, was pretty jazzed by Vox’s piece on “Gen Z’s high-speed rail meme dream,” and we all know how well that high-speed rail project in Democrat-run California went. Barky Obama had promised us a nationwide network of high-speed trains, but even the New York Times assessed that “the projects have gone mostly nowhere” despite billions of tax dollars having been thrown down a hole.

Biden's infrastructure bill's wasteful high speed train & bike lane boondoggle investments reflects the influence of the young black female Ivy Leaguers and the utopian Greenies in Biden's orbit who have zero understanding of anything outside their narrow personal experience.  Hatred for all things even remotely related to white working class men blinds them to their own basic needs. I guess they just can’t help themselves, loathing America's backbone is their nature.

Are we just gonna not repair, improve, or help anything or anyone that seems “white”? Is that where were at now?

Our friends @Def-Con have a good run down of what all is in the Biden's Infrastructure bill. Go See.