Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hillary Clinton Thinks Moral Of ‘1984’ Is That We Should Trust The Government And Media

Are you reading Diogenes Middle Finger again?? Report to your Party Official at once! 

We as Americans are fortunate that this woman is not running the country right now. That isn’t to say that Trump is the bee’s knees, but seriously, who reads 1984 and comes out with this lesson? Sadly she probably has long thought this. Don’t question authority and “experts.”....like her. They know best. The woman is on the verge of checking out mentally...... 
Daily Caller - Clinton’s memoir “What Happened,” released Tuesday, suggests the goal of the government-sanctioned torture featured prominently in Orwell’s novel is to erode trust in the authoritarian overlords who control all aspects of society. This perspective is diametrically opposed to the central lesson most readers have drawn from the book since it was published in 1949. 
 Attempting to define reality is a core feature of authoritarianism. This is what the Soviets did when they erased political dissidents from historical photos. This is what happens in George Orwell’s classic novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, when a torturer holds up four fingers and delivers electric shocks until his prisoner sees five fingers as ordered. The goal is to make you question logic and reason and to sow mistrust toward exactly the people we need to rely on: our leaders, the press, ex-perts who seek to guide public policy based on evidence, ourselves. For Trump, as with so much he does, it’s about simple dominance.”  
"The origin of Clinton’s counter-intuitive interpretation of the work is unclear. Somehow, after reading a terrifying account of government overreach creeping into every aspect of human life and choice, Clinton drew the lesson that individuals should be able to trust the government, and society’s various information gatekeepers. A number of Clintons’ fellow Democrats have condemned the contents of the campaign memoir as unnecessarily divisive and derided her for the timing of its release. One former Clinton staffer told Politico that Clinton’s book release and the resulting news cycle was her “final torture” for the party."

Maybe Ma Clinton should spend a little less time grifting and more time with head in a real book. But since we don't think that will happen, we're sending this "expert" literary explanation of 1984 along to her in hopes it helps her understand.......

(Daily Caller)
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Monday, September 18, 2017

Nancy Gets Her A Face Load of Mexican

BPRA hilarious scene unfolded when Nancy Pelosi was met by angry illegal immigrants outraged that she is working with Donald Trump to protect them. Pelosi was alongside fellow California Reps. Jared Huffman and Barbara Lee at news conference they called to demand President Trump pass the DREAM Act on Monday. Thing didn't go the way Nan had expected.
“Our nation’s dreamers are an inspiration to all of us with their courage and their patriotism. They embody the promise of America… Of the American Dream… Make American dream again.” 
A group of about 40 “Dreamers,” illegal immigrants brought to America as children, chanted “Let us speak,” and “No lip service” at the House minority leader. The group demanded that Pelosi and her fellow reps fight to not have any illegal aliens deported and to stop “militarization of the border,” code for make borders open.

“You’ve had your say, and it’s beautiful to our ears,” Pelosi told the protesters, some of who carried signs that read “Democrats are deporters.” But when the group interrupted her again she got angry. “Stop it!” she chided the illegal aliens. “Just stop it now!” 

The rowdy protesters responded: “This is our democracy. We don’t owe you nothing. This is what democracy looks like.”
The group was apparently angry that Pelosi and Dem. Sen. minority leader Chuck Schumer have been negotiating with the president on immigration, in order to save the “Dreamers” from deportation. The protesters were not interested in any type of negotiation that didn’t result in them getting everything they wanted and conservatives getting nothing.

They must have missed who won the elections in November.....

A Good Monday Morning

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

* No Tuxedos Required *

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Friday, September 15, 2017

The Silence of the Cowbells

LSU vs Mississippi St.
(6pm CT - ESPN)

There's an ol' Cajun sayin' on this side of the Mississippi River: "The Good Lord done put a wide river between Louisiana and Mississippi for a good reason."  Who knew She was a college football fan? Last year three different groups of rowdy Mississippi boys were invited to come across the river to play. They were told NOT to throw the ball around in the Tiger house. You don't do that. But being Mississippi boys they just had to tried it anyway. The Tiger promptly spanked all three and then ate em. 

It again gets real Saturday night when it's the Tigers turn to travel across the river to Starkville Miss. to meet the MSU Bulldogs for the 111th time. Both 2-0, this will be the first real test of the teams this year. 

The Tigers have pretty much owned the Dawgs and their cowbells, losing only 2 out of the last 25 contest, the last a close loss to Dak Presscott in 2014. Last year QB Nick Fitzgerald was benched in the 3rd Quarter after being brutalized by an overpowering Tiger defense he couldn't throw against

But this is another year and Fitz has a season of experience under his belt. He and the Dawgs looked strong last week against La. Tech.  But LSU is not La. Tech, who's defensive line is more the size of the MSU field goal kicker.  And the Tiger defense is younger, not as big, but said to be faster then last year, so containing Fitz and not let him run around and break free is the key to a Tiger win. And I'm sure Matt Canada has not shown his real offensive hand yet, and probable won't until it becomes necessary

While the Dawg's pin is but half the size of Tiger Stadium, it's still one of the toughest places for an SEC opponent to play because of the fan base, and especially their G** D*** cowbells! I think this could be a close game with good defensive play by both teams, and big plays will probable make the difference. Let's hope freshman mistakes that have plagued the Tigers first half play this year don't penalize the Tigers into a Loss.

I Say Tigers by 10  

Elsewhere in the SEC:

Florida (0-1) vs Tennessee (2-0)- 2:30PM CT - CBS
The Squirrel and his Gators host the Volunteers in Gainsville Saturday in the SEC rivalry game of the week.  After last years epic win over the Gators and Butch and the Boys with Big Mo on their side, if the squirrel hasn't found an offense and loses this week, this will blow the SEC East wide open. I said the Vols were gonna spoil some peoples season this year, and I think this week is gonna be just the beginning.....

I say Vols by 6  

South Carolina (2-0) vs Kentucky (2-0) - 6:30PM CT- SECN 
The Sports Monkeys say both these teams are on the rise (and lord knows the SEC east needs that) as both have recruited well recently. I picked the Kats to be the other major spoiler this season, and I'm really tempted to pick them for a W, but I don't think this is their week. The Gamecocks are favored and the Kats may give them a scare, but not strong enough to take them down.

I'm going with The Birds by 10 

Shit! 0-3

After correctly picking the upset of the Ohio St. Bucknutts, along with 4 of 5 SEC games last week, Diogenes is 5-1 going into week 3. 


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Rapper Whose Video Depicts Him Hanging a Little White Boy May Be on His Way To Jail

Seems this scumbag and talent challenged rapper named XXXTentacion whose latest music video (I use that term lightly) is very disturbing to say the least, has had a problem with white people for a while now. According to the Black Entertainment Network (BET) the leading experts on Negroism, he's not a very nice person..... 
"Over the past year, Florida newcomer XXXTentacion has made headlines for his problematic rise to fame. From his troubling legal situation and violent past the rapper has easily made himself a target for controversy. More recently, disturbing new details have emerged regarding his alleged abuse of his pregnant white ex-girlfriend."
"Last October XXXTentacion was charged with aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, false imprisonment, domestic battery by strangulation, and witness-tampering. If convicted at trial this coming fall, the 19-year-old faces a potentially lengthy prison sentence. In Pitchfork-obtained excerpts from the alleged victim’s 142-page testimony, the Florida rapper is accused of frequent and extensive abuse."
"According to the testimony, XXXTentacion—whose real name is Jahseh Onfroy—and the alleged victim began “cohabitating” at a residence in North Miami in May 2016. Approximately two weeks later, Jahseh allegedly physically abuse the the pregnant victim and damaged her iPhone for complimenting a male friend’s jewelry. That same day, Jahseh made the victim choose between “a barbecue pitchfork and a barbecue cleaner” being put inside her vagina." 

Now I don't know if this is just another example of the Low-IQ, de-evolving, violent black male feral Trevon types that are populating our major cities, or it's just another kid raised on, and black culture is actively perpetuating, the racial hatred of whites.  Either way, I hope this douche bag goes to jail for a long time, and someone makes him their personal Bitch. Better than that, I think he should be parachuted out of a plane over the afghan mountains with just a snickers bar, a pistol and one bullet and let the chips fall where they may....... 

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hold My Beer.......


Quick, Run Put The Gasoline In The House!!!!

Sounds like Something Hillary Would Do.....

In her newest scam book, Ma Clinton admits she thought about make voodoo dolls of her political enemies and media reporters, and “stick them full of pins” out of frustration over the coverage of the illegal email server scandal.
“It was a dumb mistake, but an even dumber ‘scandal.’ It was like quicksand: the more you struggle, the deeper you sink. At times, I thought I must be going crazy. Other times, I was sure it was the world that had gone nuts. Sometimes I snapped at my staff. I was tempted to make voodoo dolls of certain members of the press and Congress and stick them full of pins. Mostly, I was furious at myself.”
In her previous book, Hard Choices, Clinton described attending a voodoo spirit ceremony with a “voodoo priest” during her honeymoon with Bill Clinton in Haiti in 1975. She wrote:
"One of the most memorable experiences of our trip was meeting a local voodoo priest named Max Beauvoir. He invited us to attend one of his ceremonies. We saw Haitians “seized with spirits” walk on hot coals, bite the heads off live chickens, and chew glass, spit out the shards, and not bleed. At the end of the ceremony, the people claimed the dark spirits had departed."
Yeah, I think I know where they went!
Nothing says Honeymoon like a trip to a hell hole like Haiti and a voodoo ceremony with people biting the heads off chickens. No wonder these Clinton people are evil to the bone.

And speaking of Voodoo Queens, Check this out.....

Gatekeeper of DC Society Sally Quinn Comes Out as Occultist

(Daily Caller)
(Breitbart)                                        Thank You MJA for the Linkage!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Leftists Regurgitate North Korean Propaganda

FPM - As Matthew Vadum notes, the violent anti-Trump groups Refuse Fascism and the Workers World Party are siding with North Korea and spouting pro-North Korean propaganda talking points, and in at least one case, copying and pasting official North Korean statements into communiques. As it happens, North Korean propaganda is also showing up in the establishment media.

Consider “Reunification, not war, in Korea,” a “special” piece for the Sacramento Bee on September 5, when Kim Jong-un was fondling his new hydrogen bomb. Author Geoffrey Fattig, a “former speechwriter for the U.S. State Department,” is not disturbed by “Kim Jong-un’s blatant disregard of the will of the international community,” and describes it only as “distasteful.” 

So threatening the United States and its allies is a matter of taste, as Molotov once said about fascism. Fattig’s problem is Donald Trump. “Unfortunately,” he explains, “sanity doesn’t seem to be a hindrance facing our new president.”
"The problem is that the country he leads has shown itself to have a capacity for violence that is matched only by its ignorance of foreign affairs. North Korea is not a threat to the United States; the only reason we fought the country in the first place was because the Truman administration split the peninsula immediately after World War II, then committed U.S. troops when Kim Il-sung sought to reunify the country in 1950.”
Those fearful, violent, warmongering people in Anchorage, Boise, and Baton Rouge, can be forgiven for regarding Fattig’s “special” piece as goose-stepping North Korean propaganda. The former U.S. State Department speechwriter has had a lot of practice on that theme. Fattig’s work has often appeared on the website of the Institute for Policy Studies, an interlocking directorate of the left.

The American left has always supported North Korea’s Stalinist regime and still contends that the United States and its allies are the villains in any conflict. When Kim Jong-un starts firing nuclear missiles westward, his apologist Geoffrey Fattig warns that the regime and its nuclear stockpile are here to stay. So those ignorant, violent, fear-ridden Americans in Guam, Long Beach, Kansas City and Albany must repent for their country’s “original sin” of dividing Korea. - Read More at the Link

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Monday, September 11, 2017

It's Worth Remembering on a Day Like This......

Truth Revolt - "On the sixteenth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, we thought it appropriate to remind our readers of the aim of Islam.  And as we witnessed on that fateful Tuesday morning sixteen years ago, many Muslim fundamentalists are willing to do it by any means necessary. However, there are millions more Muslims attempting world dominance through subtler channels, but channels equally as dangerous, if not more so.

One of them was American-born Sharifa Alkhateeb, a Muslim activist and self-proclaimed feminist, who died of cancer three years after the 9/11 attacks. Alkhateeb began her sinister ministry as a prominent member of two terror-tied organizations, the Muslim Student Association in the 1960s and later, as president of the North American Council for Muslim Women as a resident in Virginia. While living there, she single-handedly lobbied to get Arabic taught in local public schools.   

Most notably, Alkhateeb was connected to Hillary Clinton and was a close confidant of her longtime aide, Huma Abedin. Abedin, who organized a White House event in 1999 at which then-first lady Hillary Clinton bragged about Alkhateeb’s involvement:
“Sharifa Alkhateeb of the North American Council for Muslim Women has been largely responsible for working with the White House staff in bringing us here. As many of you may know, Sharifa was the chair of the Muslim Caucus in Beijing in 1995. And she is also a great friend to me and to my staff for many, many occasions when we call upon her for advice and counsel."
Which brings us to the philosophy that drove Alkhateeb when she was alive. C-SPAN has video of a speech she gave in 1989 to Muslims for a Better America. During her speech, Alkhateeb outlined the main objective of Islam in this country - View every citizen as a potential Muslim, then make all of America Muslim following only an Islamic system of rule:
“I believe that education is one of the most important areas Muslims have to address. And while our final objective is not just to become part of the system that we experience now and that we see, our objective — our final objective — is to create our own Islamic systems. Not only create Islamic systems for Muslims, but to look at all the other people who are sharing this country with us as potential Muslims. And in that long-range process of making America Muslim — all of America Muslim."
As she explained, she didn’t want her children referred to as Americans, but as Muslims. If Muslims could infiltrate the American education system, that would be one step closer to world domination."

So here we are in 2017 as islam works behind the scenes with their own useful idiots, the tolerant leftist in academia and the media, who are blindly doing their dirty work for them. And Islam knows well american blacks will always be a an untrustworthy minority , but in the long run sympathetic to the cause of a minority dominated country without realizing they also will eventual be dominated.  But they too are doing their dirty work. Islam needs no weatherman in which to tell which way the wind has been blowing, and they've gently turned their ship to the prevail winds........ 

Hurricane Irma Had Heroes Too......

A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

* No Tuxedos Required *

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Friday, September 8, 2017

I'm Sensing an Ol' Fashion Bayou Whoopin' Comin' Down.

Saturday Night in Baton Rouge the Lights will shine brightly for the first time this season in Tiger Stadium as LSU welcomes the Chattanooga Mocks to Death Valley. (6:30pm CT - SEC Net.)  The Mocks are ranked #14 in the latest FCS coaches poll despite losing their opener to Jacksonville state.

After last weeks game against BYU, who the Tigers held scoreless and didn't let advance past the 50 yd. line, the Mocks may be in for a good ol' Cajun slap down. The Tigers are showing confidence and I suspect that if the game were to get out of hand, we may see the future of Tiger football, Miles Brennan at QB in the second half.  The Tiger Defense, starting five freshmen and without three of their stellar veterans played lights out last week, and the new Matt Canada Offense looked good....at least between the 10 yd. lines. There is still much room for improvement before the Tigers start conference play next week and begin this years tough march through the south.

I say Tigers by 20+ 

This Week in the SEC:

My prediction of a clean sweep in SEC team openers went up in smoke thanks to a friggin' Texas A&M team who blew a 44-17 lead going into the 4th quarter. 44-17!!! How's that A&M DC job workin' out for ya John Chavis? 

Florida vs Northern Colorado - Cancelled 
Funny thing happened on the road to the SEC East Championship. The Squirrel and his Gators got run over by a big yellow bus driven by Jim Harbaugh.  Mercifully the Gators will be spared the wrath of the Northern Colorado Bears because of Irma, and it will be just another week the Gators offense won't get near a goal Line.

Alabama vs Fresno St. -  2:30pm CT - ESPN2
Fresno St. is flying high after crushing Incarnate Word 66-0 last week. Incarnate Word is not the Alabama Crimson Tide. Good luck boys, the ambulances will be on standby........

I say Tide by 35+  

TCU vs Arkansas - 2:30pm CT - CBS
The Frogs and the Hogs go at it again. This could be a really good game. Their meeting last year was a shootout that went into overtime.  But The Hogs got them a dandy QB and said to have a stout Offensive line as they proved against Florida A&M last week. This years game is in Fayetteville, and a typical Big 12 defense shouldn't be to much trouble for the Hogs run game.  

I say SOO-WEE  The Hogs by 10   

Abuburn vs Clemson - 6pm CT - ESPN
Okay, I'm not drinking the Auburn kool-aid just yet. Like my own Tigers, the question is what can they do against a good SEC defense. The Baylor transfer wiz-kid showed last week he can air it out, but he made major mistakes that you can only get away with playing cupcakes. Coming from the Big 12 where it's not unusual for two teams to rack up 80+ points in a game, and defense is just that thing that surrounds the parking lot, I want to see what Mr. QB can do against a top tier ACC and SEC defense before we declare them Alabama's main contender. 

Despite the 1st half play, Clemson takes them down convincingly in the 2nd half...

I say Clemson by 10+  

Tennessee vs Indiana St. - 3pm CT - SEC Network
No ones looking in the Vols direction this year, but I have picked them as one of the major conference spoilers and possible backdoor contenders for the SEC East. We'll have to see what Butch Jones can bring about being on a hot seat this year. Teams tend to play up to it and I think the Vols may surprise some people.  This week shouldn't be a problem for them.

I say Vols by 14+  

 UPSET PREDICTION: The Sooners get revenge 
on the Bucknutts of Ohio in their own crib. 
You don't get away with singing your alma mater 
on an opponents field after a game like last year.   

Nuff' Said!

If You Have Any Doubts of the Organized Degrading of Western Civilization........

Academia Throttles Up The Crazy Train of Lunacy and Political Correctness

We Must “Decenter English as the De facto Language of Academia” 

Chinese is the largest spoken language in the world. Simple because of their sphere of influence in Asia, and because there are just more of them. But English has long become the international language of Business and Finance, as well as communication in international air travel.  I've been told by people who are well traveled that anywhere you can go in the world regardless of continent, among any sizeable population,  you can find someone to communicate with in English. Not so in Chinese or any other language.

But some in the over educated pointy headed world wide academia believe somehow this is wrong in this day and age. But we all know what is really behind this kind of thinking..........
Red Alert Politics - In response to the political landscape shift of 2016, an academic conference is encouraging participants to take steps to disenfranchise the usage of English language in the classroom and throughout academia. 
The Society for Social Studies of Science, a group of humanities professors from around the globe, held their annual meeting in Boston, MA this past weekend, which is known as 4S.  While most academics attend conferences to learn, network, and engage in debate about scholarly topics, conference organizers made it known that their conference would feature a new theme this year: marginalizing those who speak English. 
Listed on the event website, one of the main themes of the conference was “Pluralizing Language in the Age of Trump and Brexit.” According to organizers of the conference, 4S realizes that “xenophobia and nationalism are on the rise in many places.” 
“While English has become a scientific lingua franca that has been favoured in communications and networking across the globe, it is the official language of just a handful of countries,” the program reads. “Most prominently, the United States of America and the United Kingdom.” 
In response to this perceived phenomenon, event organizers took the bizarre steps of requesting that individuals submit their presentations in a language other than English. The program goes as far as to say “even monolingual English speaker(s) may have parts or all of their presentation written or audio-recorded in another language by another speaker.” 
The conference hired 11 translators to translate the presentations back to English for participants who only speak English. 
In addition to inconveniencing individuals who have spent their entire academic career utilizing a single language to be more efficient, the 4S event organizers were also sure to include a number of liberal-themed sessions to ensure professors received a heavy dose of anti-Trump progressivism to bring back to their classrooms. The event included sessions such as “Reproductive Justice and Injustice,” “Climate Data Protection Under Trump: Strategies and Tactics,” and “Mind the Gap: Politics, Policy, and the Stylized Facts of Gender Inequality.”
Maybe we all should just learn to speak Bantu and be done with it! 

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Illegal Voters May Have Decided New Hampshire in 2016

But.....but there's no such thing as voter fraud.

PJM - "Newly available data is casting doubt on the integrity of the presidential election in New Hampshire in 2016, which Hillary Clinton won by just over 2,700 votes. Over 6,000 voters in New Hampshire had used same-day voter registration procedures to register and vote simultaneously for president.

The current New Hampshire speaker of the House, Shawn Jasper, sought and obtained data about what happened to these 6,000 "new" New Hampshire voters who showed up on Election Day. It seems the overwhelming majority of them can no longer be found in New Hampshire.

Of those 6,000, only 1,014 have ever obtained New Hampshire driver's licenses. Of the 5,526 voters who never obtained a New Hampshire driver's license, a mere three percent have registered a vehicle in New Hampshire. The Public Interest Legal Foundation received information that 70 percent of the same-day registrants used out-of-state photo ID to vote in the 2016 presidential election in New Hampshire and to utilize same-day registration. Gov. Maggie Hassan, a Democrat, also defeated incumbent U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte by only 1,017 votes.

These new data illustrate the problem with same-day registration laws: they prevent the ability to verify residency prior to the election -- and in a close election, that can make a difference. As John Fund and Hans von Spakovsky pointed out in their book Who's Counting, same-day registration fraud won Al Franken his Senate seat, and that extra Democratic seat then gave the country Obamacare."

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Pointing Her Bony Finger at Barky

In case you haven't been keeping track, Ma Clinton has blamed just about everyone and everything for her epic election loss including James Comey, the Russians, Sexism, Trump collusion with Russia, Middle Finger News Service, James Comey, the Media, Bernie Sanders, Seasonal Jock Itch, the Russians, side three of The Beatles' White Album, and Toenail Fungus. But missing from this list is Hillary Clinton herself, who shouldn’t be held accountable for running a shitty campaign. There is one notable name missing, and we find Ma did finally indeed get around to blaming Barky Obama himself.

Why Hillary Always Wears Pant Suits
Tidbits of her new book that looks back at the 2016 election, “I F*cked Up And It’s Your Fault” have been leaking in advance and it’s full of her pointing the finger at everyone but herself. In the latest excerpt we learn that Obama is also to blame:
“I do wonder sometimes about what would have happened if President Obama had made a televised address to the nation in the fall of 2016 warning that our democracy was under attack. Maybe more Americans would have woken up to the threat in time. We’ll never know.”
What she is referring to is the bullshit narrative that the Russians hacked the election and stole it from her. The reason why Barky didn’t give a public address on the subject is because he knew it wasn't true. Sure, Barky loves lying, but at that point he was in legacy building mode and didn’t want to leave office on a bigger whopper than “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

If only Barky had lied for her, she would be president right now. That's a very Clinton thing to say, don't ya think? 

But after 8 years of an horrendously lawless and deceiving presidency, people were not all that psyched about another democrat in the White House. Especially another Clinton.  She stills fails to see that. But I do think we finally found something to be grateful to Barack Obama for......

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hunting Nazis On The Golf Course

With the whole Russia/Trump collusion story in total collapse and news organizations like CNN pulling investigators off the Russia coverage, the newly hired journalism school grad reporters hired to dig dirt on Trump are now scrambling elsewhere for that one Pulitzer winning story they all dream of.  Some have gone Nazi hunting. As USA Today touted a report out this morning on the tweeter, they have “ID’ed 4500 Trump golf-club members" through social media as well as an online service that tracks golfers handicaps:

Trump owns golf courses across the world, so USA Today thought it prudent to dig up information on club members and see what type of cretins would associate themselves with Trump in any way.  

It would be interesting to know how many media personalities and celebrities are on the list, but I doubt they would reveal that.  The only thing an investigation like this proves is that the MSM does not care about reporting what’s really happening in the world. They just want to get Trump, anyway they can.

h/t Konan The Bar Barron

Hurricanes Be Racist Y'all

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Lawyer Admits DACA is Lawless & Unconstitutional And Obama Knew It

Warner Todd Huston - "As the nation gears up to re-argue Barack Obama’s amnesty for illegals called the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), one of the lawyers that Obama employed to push the original campaign has come out to admit that the whole program is probably unconstitutional and clearly Obama knew it the whole time."
"To hear the media tell it, all 844,931 people within the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program are paragons of virtue we Americans should be throwing ourselves at the knees of in gratitude for them coming to stay. In reality, DACA is a shabby little temporary amnesty program that rewards underachievers and permits quite a few criminals to avail themselves of its benefits......" - Monica Showalter 
"Attorney Eric Columbus, who worked on DACA for Obama at the Department of Justice, jumped to his Twitter account to talk about the policy he helped build. In a long series of Tweets, Columbus noted at one point that court challenges to DACA’s legitimacy are “very likely to succeed” because DACA simply isn’t a legal policy.

By the way, it should be noted that there already was a court that ruled against Obama’s illegal policy, but he ignored the court ruling and implemented DACA anyway. In 2015, the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals blocked Obama’s executive orders because the policy forced states to support illegals with state funds and because Obama’s actions summarily changed the status of millions of illegals without Constitutional justificationObama lawlessly surged ahead and put his plans in place, anyway, quite despite what the 5th Circuit and a lower court ruled."

Let's not kid ourselves.  It's not compassion that drives democrats to defend a lawless Obama policy.  It's an attempt to "Fundamentally Transform America" by duplication of this in all the higher electoral vote states.   Nothing more........

Profiles in Moonbattery

DT - "The hopes and prayers of liberals to remove President Trump from office and therefore reverse the results of a legitimate election are increasingly resting with rogue special counsel Robert Mueller. Frustrated Hollyweirdos have ushered in the era of the totalitarian left with calls for Deep State coups, violence in the streets, martial law and the overturning of the democratic process and will of the voters by an unelected police state figure in Mueller. 

Of course, no thought ever goes into the idea that this all will one day come back to bite them in their own asses. 

One of the most fascistic of all is Rob “Meathead” Reiner who became famous for his performance of Archie Bunker’s flaming leftist son in law Mike Stivic. The now aged, balding and obese Reiner has issued a plea to Mueller to hurry up and Get Trump!"

"Well there’s hippie flower power Mike Stivic left and there’s full-blown jackboot, Joseph Stalin blood purge left and that is exactly what Reiner and his buddies want to see – until the day that it all swings back around on them that is.

If there is one positive aspect of the raging outbreak of Trump Derangement Syndrome that has swept the land it is that the left continues to expose themselves as drooling authoritarians. Who knew that inside every liberal there was a raging fascist struggling to get out but now they are on full display as exactly what they have always been.  

Stifle yourself Meathead!"

Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Newest Nonsense of Climate Change Alarmists

Lefties are having a really tough time with this global warming thing. For starters, they had to ditch the Global Warming label when they realized temperatures weren’t actually going up. Not only that, the warming that does take place is natural according to some studies. So, they changed their catchphrase to a much more dinner table friendly “Climate Change”.

But, that hasn’t been going well either thanks to faulty data and outrageous propaganda being peddled instead of actual facts. Now, we’ve got a new angle to push climate change alarmism. It’s causing car crashes and killing people!
"Global warming was responsible for thousands of road deaths in 2015, according to a new study, contradicting many public safety experts who blame increased cell phone use for the spike in traffic fatalities. 
“As temperatures continue to increase from heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere, road deaths will likely increase more than expected unless there are major mitigating countermeasures,” retired Yale University epidemiologist Leon Robertson said in a statement." 
"Traffic deaths rose by 2,348, or 7.2 percent, in 2015 to 35,200, according to Transportation Department data. Robertson said rising temperatures and increased rainfall had people driving more miles than they would have otherwise, leading to more deaths......" - The Daily Caller 
I'm not really sure how they come to equate Heat+Rain = more people driving more. Seeing there are an ever increasing number of autos on the road every year, you would expect more traffic deaths anyway. Seem to me they missed some simple logic here: the more you cross the street, the better chance of getting run over. DUH!   

But when you have to prey on people’s emotions and make them unreasonably afraid to win your argument, then your argument probably isn’t a good one in the first place. There’s no way to definitively prove this Heat+Rain=You're Gonna Die in a terrible fiery car crash on a rainy highway connection. But, that won’t stop them from pushing an agenda. There's rarely definitively proof of anything the left says. 

(The NTSB)                                Thank You MJA for the Linkage!
(Daily Caller)

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

* No Tuxedos Required  *

Brought To You By BLUESJUNKY - Honorary Chair of Music - Middle Finger Symphony Music Director

Friday, September 1, 2017

Alright Boys and Girls, It's On! Time To Play Some Football

This weekend officially kicksoff the 2017 college football season. The professional  sports monkeys on high have made their pronouncements; they have awarded the Heisman Trophy, crowned the Conference Champions, picked the 4 playoff teams and proclaimed the Bucknutts of Ohio will win the NC, and go on to lose to the Patriots in overtime in the Superbowl. And as more often then not, they will be wrong.  I'll reserve any further comments on that because I kinda-sorta promised an OSU grad friend I wouldn't make fun of their team here again this year, like OSU having a strength of schedule that doesn't even rank in the top 50 of major college teams. ;)  So here we go.......

The Battle of the Cats - BYU v LSU

But first things first: Harvey the Tiger Cub passed all his entrance exams, and on the first day of fall classes Harvey joined the freshman class and officially named Mike VII. 

Harvey's predecessor came to campus in the fall of 2007 as a 2 year old and promptly rallied the Tigers to a National Championship that year. Harvey is but an 11 month old cub who is yet to grow into his paws, so we are giving him a year before we expect any such magic from his presence. ;)

And one more first things first: because of important project deadlines due during this years football season, my SEC Sister and fellow blogger, Curmudgeon of Political Clown Parade has kindly offered to work her magic and do some of her excellent Game Day Graphics for these post to save me time. If you are a new reader of this blog, I encourage you go by and check out Curmudgeon's rousing Alabama game day post as well, as we both run headlong towards our annual, much anticipated friendly trash talk week in November when the Tigers and the Crimson Tide face-off in Tuscaloosa on 11/4. 

Brigham Young vs Louisiana State- Sat. 8:30pm CT (ESPN)

The Tigers kickoff 2017 Saturday Night against the 1-0 BYU Cougars at the New Orleans Superdome. This will be the first ever meeting of the two teams. The Cougs finished last year 9-4 and handily defeated Portland State in their opener last week. BYU has a QB who can sling it, and should be a good test of the Tiger D backfield. They have a lot of returning starters on defense and are not to be taken lightly, as they have a very good history against SEC teams. 

As for the 2017 Tigers? I'm like most; cautiously optimistic but encouraged from what I've heard from friends in the Baton Rouge media, and gleeful there is no hype around the Tigers this year. It's fell elsewhere in the SEC. The 2016 Tigers finished the year AP ranked a respectable #13, ahead of 12 other teams with better records, and start 2017 at the same position. 

With the addition of Matt Canada as the Tiger Offensive coordinator the Tigers will have a much different look. Canada likes to play a spread offense, with lots of motion, shifts and misdirection.  Gone are the days of 3 yds and a cloud of dust. Expect the Tigers to still be primarily a running team, with a potential Heisman candidate in the backfield it's to be expected. The concern seems to be the depth of offensive line. Injures could be a major setback for the Tigers late in the year.  Expect Dave Aranda's Defense to be, maybe not top 5 as they proved to be last year, but stout and continue as they did last year to improve game by game. 

The biggest question is can the Tigers endure their meat grinder of a schedule of late Oct. and November? We will see. I say there is an even chance Auburn and LSU could meet at Tiger Stadium on Oct 4th both undefeated, with both yet to face Alabama. 

That said, I see spoilers, spoilers everywhere.  

Blessfully, gone are the Les Miles years, 
and it is now Officially The Coach O' Show.  


* Diogenes' Kickoff Week Prediction: 
Every SEC team wins their opener.......except Florida.