Thursday, May 23, 2019

Why Are There So Many Lunatics in the Democrat Party?

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Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Lunatic - Tenn.) 

I'm sorry, you'll have to forgive me, or praise me (your choice) but I just cannot look at Congressman Steve Cohen and not see Lon Chaney's 1925 Phantom of the Opera with glasses on.  Sometimes I can't keep from bursting out laughing. And if there is one thing we all can thank DJT for, is exposing the crazy train load of anti-Semites and lunatics like this guy in the democrat party. The Tennessee Representative's CNN & MSNBC appearances are somewhere near bizarre to say the least.

There was plenty for us to make fun of in the Barky Obama years, but the present dem party has the loonies jumping out of the trees everywhere and screaming at the sky. And there is no depth to which depraved lunatic House Dems won’t sink with their neo-Stalinist inquisitions of government officials and Trump administration figures. 

Tuesday,  more psychodrama played out in the Judiciary Committee after former White House Counsel Don McGahn refused to show up for their dog and pony show and creepy Steve Cohen threw another one of his temper tantrums. The same freakish degenerate, who
 also looks like a backwoods pervert out of a sequel to Sling Blade, that chowed down on a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken after AG William Barr also told the committee to go pound sand, wailed that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had to impeach President Trump because he was “raping the country”.
"Cohen stood up and yelled for Trump to be impeached during a Democratic Steering and Policy Committee meeting with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.), prompting Pelosi to push back saying, “This is not about politics, it’s about what’s best for the American people.” 
Cohen, who voted to move impeachment proceedings forward in December 2017, also brought up former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment proceedings during the committee hearing, saying he faced impeachment “over sex.” He went on to contrast Clinton and Trump by accusing the latter of “raping the country,” a quote that was confirmed by Cohen after the meeting....." 
Cohen has a history of fringe lunatic statements when discussing DJT or his policies. In addition to accusing Trump of "torching the entire structure of government" like the Notre Dame Cathedral in France, he has compared Trump to the  Fidel Castro, and he described Trump as a "cancer" on the United States.

The next two years are going to be so interesting...

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Dispatches From An Alternative Reality

Not content with hoaxes to inflate hate crime statistics, researchers at the University of Utah have developed an app available through Google Play that allows users to report incidents of “hate.” Users report the incident under one of four categories- propaganda, verbal, violent and property damage. Since the reporting is confidential, no need to prove hate…or anything for that matter! Someone hurt your feelings? Whip out that smart phone and go to your hate reporting app. The thought police will appreciate your cooperation.
Britain’s top leftist rag, The Guardian, recently announced that henceforth “climate change” will be referred to as “climate emergency, crisis, or breakdown,” “global warming” will now be “global heating,’ and “climate skeptic” will be “climate science denier.” Citizens are advised to update their dictionaries accordingly. Get with the program people! 

Last week, it was Bud Light going all rainbow flag gay. This week it is Converse sneakers. The Pride collection is being promoted by six people associated with the Rump Ranger/Muff Diver community, most notably “drag kid” Desmond Napoles- age 11. For the the almighty buck, Converse is encouraging the normalization of deviant behavior in prepubescent children. That used to be called pedophilia. Today, its called “Pride.”

County supervisors and the Office on African American Affairs joined in signing a resolution to declare racism a public health crisis. Thanks to those hipster doofus anti-vaxxer parents not immunizing their children against racism, there is a pandemic in Milwaukee. Luckily the bold leadership has stepped up and declared a crisis. The real public health emergency here is rampant liberalism. I know nothing about Milwaukee politics and yet I’m certain that this didn’t come from Republicans. This is a huge waste of public funds and won’t do anything that isn’t disastrous. The Governor of Wisconsin should send in the National Guard with doses of Tamil for liberalism and stop this outbreak before it spreads. And yes, I’m certain Tamiflu for liberalism is a real thing. If not, this seems like a pretty stupid health emergency declaration.  


Judicial Appointees: One Important Reason America Cannot Survive As We Know It Without DJT

Obama Appointee DC Judge Amit Mehta Rules Against DJT.  A True Team Player

Whether you a passionate fan of DJT or not, if you're honest, you have to admit there's an ongoing, concerted attempt to remove him from office, hook or crook. We now have Congressional Committee leaders J. Fatman Nadler, Bullet Head Cummings and Adam Schiff all acting as a cadre of hit-men. Enter Fedral Judge Amit Mehta.

Monday, the DC District Court Judge ruled against Donald Trump in the case deciding whether Trump's accounting firm Mazars USA LLP must comply with the House Oversight Committee's subpoena of his past financial records. Judge Mehta, native born of India, product of Law School minority set asides, an Obama appointee and cog in his "fundamentally transforming the United States of America" and liberalization of the courts, was appointed to replace a retiring woman judge, Ellen Segal Huvelle.

What perhaps wasn't quite so expected by both parties was just how quickly Mehta issued his ruling.  Or was it?  For no apparent reason, Mehta began his ruling with the words of President James Buchanan, no one's favorite presidents to say the least, from a court case during a failed attempt at impeachment, that can be only be interpreted as a dig at DJT:
"I do, therefore, . . . solemnly protest against these proceedings of the House of Representatives, because they are in violation of the rights of the coordinate executive branch of the Government, and subversive of its constitutional independence; because they are calculated to foster a band of interested parasites and informers, ever ready, for their own advantage, to swear before ex parte committees to pretended private conversations between the President and themselves, incapable, from their nature, of being disproved; thus furnishing material for harassing him, degrading him in the eyes of the country . . ."
Ignoring the separation of powers, the good judge then showed his liberal bias by leaning on the word of that great Constitutional scholar, Bullet Head Cummings as justification:
"Courts have grappled for more than a century with the question of the scope of Congress's investigative power. The binding principle that emerges from these judicial decisions is that courts must presume Congress is acting in furtherance of its constitutional responsibility to legislate and must defer to congressional judgments about what Congress needs to carry out that purpose.
To be sure, there are limits on Congress's investigative authority. So long as Congress investigates on a subject matter on which "legislation could be had," Congress acts as contemplated by Article I of the Constitution. It is not for the court to question whether the Committee's actions are truly motivated by political considerations. Accordingly, the court will enter judgment in favor of the Oversight Committee." (emphasis mine)
Legislation could be had? Elijah Cummings and the Oversight Committee used in relation to grounds for the case as justification the sham excuse, and Mehta dutifully restates in his ruling, that the committee of dubious and questionable ethics was looking at "strengthening ethics and disclosure laws." As if anything about Trump's personal taxes or past financial records could somehow relate to any legislation Congress might legitimately take up.

Mehta closed with this statement:
"Plaintiffs have cited no case since Kilbourn from 1880 in which the Supreme Court or the D.C. Circuit has interfered with a congressional subpoena—because it either intrudes on the law enforcement prerogatives of the Executive or Judicial branches, seeks personal information unrelated to a legislative purpose, or demands records that lack "pertinency." This case does not merit becoming the first in nearly 140 years."
I guess we can theorize here and now Judge Mehta is a true Team player?

As many have said before me, the court system in America is tainted with present day bias. Many Obama appointed Judges have shown their personal bias in the last two years by consistently ruling against DJT and blocking legal policies simple because they personally do not agree with the processes. The Constitution is being ripped. Remaining in office and the reelection of DJT is mandatory for the survival of America. Without the neutralizing the loading of the courts via the Obama years of those who hold no respect for the Constitution as it was written is just one more reason, if not the most obvious, America will not survive as we know it without DJT's leadership.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Deep Blue Rats Are Beginning To Turn On Each Other

One of the first things that happens when the truth starts coming out is those who've involved themselves in a serious cover up start turning on each other to save there own asses. The rats have now begun scurrying because Bill Barr and John Durham are turning on the lights and they’re all about to be exposed. That same liberal cheer-leading media that wanted you to believe Hillary was not really under investigation will try attack it as a partisan effort, or just DJT pulling the strings and going after his political enemies. But facts are facts and truth is truth. And looks like we’re about to know a whole lot of it.

Behind closed doors of  a Congressional Committee, Loretta Lynch threw Jim Comey's carcass under the bus.
James Comey:"We were getting to a place where the attorney general and I were both going to have to testify and talk publicly about. And I wanted to know, was she going to authorize us to confirm we had an investigation? … And she said, ‘Yes, but don’t call it that, call it a matter.’ And I said, ‘Why would I do that?’ And she said, ‘Just call it a matter." - June 2017
Loretta Lynch: "I did not,” Lynch responded when asked if she had “ever” told Comey to call the investigation a “matter.” - Dec. 2018
After two years of the Mueller investigation to nowhere, Democrats and their media lapdogs have desperately avoided acknowledging their nominee was under investigation for potential felonies. Yet the investigation was happening, and it was absurd to try to pretend it wasn’t. So Lynch’s solution; label it with an innocuous word that wouldn’t be so damaging and tarnish Hillary’s triumphant coronation. 

It going to become clear it was Loretta Lynch who ordered the Hillary investigation spiked because of where it was headed. And it was Loretta Lynch who wanted turn the attention elsewhere, ordering the FBI to launch an abysmally predicated counterintelligence probe of the Trump campaign, using the absurd pretext of “collusion with Russia” based on the unverified Dossier and an offhand braggadocios comment in a bar. Lynch knew what she was doing in both cases. She knew Hillary had committed felonies, which is why she ordered the FBI investigation in a way that defied every protocol. 

This was about preventing Donald Trump from becoming president, no matter what the FBI had to do.  Lynch was taking orders from someone above her, and y'all know who that was. If the Obama DOJ acknowledged the investigation was real, they’d hand an easy talking point to the Trump campaign on a golden platter.  

So now this corruption is all about to come out because Barr and Durham are going to make sure of it, and Lynch is positioning herself by taking shots at Comey’s credibility. The rats are scurrying and they’re starting to attack each other. The dam is breaking. The swamp has been unwittingly draining itself in a futile attempt to take down DJT.

I wonder, do they make those orange prison outfits in fat little girl sizes?

(quotes from WAPO)

Monday, May 20, 2019

Squinty & Meat Puppet: "Every Democrat But Joe Biden is Wasting Our Time"

During a recent MSNBC Morning Joe, Meat Puppet Mika implied that any of the other 21 22 23 Democrats besides current front-runner Joe Biden were just wasting their time. "You have one Democrat with such a resounding lead in the polls, and then so many others trying to get air time." Of course we all know Mika is not very bright. But in this case, she may have had a rare episode of lucidity.

I have my own doubts Biden would make it through the campaign and debates with DJT without popping a tube. Age has caught up with him.  This is not the same guy who left office 18 months ago.  He hasn't spoken seriously on one issue yet, all he is is bluster, and neither the energy nor the ambition to be president. He has name recognition but that's about it.  He reminds too many people what a fraud the Obama years were. Biden may be ahead for now, but all the energy inside the Democratic Party seems to be with the uncompromising left.  It sees ­Biden standing in the way of its complete takeover of the Democratic Party. So as his lead in the polls expands, their ­efforts to stop him, and his heretical calls for political compromise will ­no doubt escalate quickly.

I think Bernie is toast.  That said, watch the coming months carefully for signs.  Because I think Biden was talked into running, for one reason.  And it's a sham.

The DNC itself has been taken over by non-traditional liberals (i.e. chairman Speedy Perez) who, despite upbeat bullshit talk show appearances, fears they can't win the White House with their anti-white male turgidity, and sounding like the ghosts of Vladimir Lenin.  But dems needs to at this point to woo blacks and millennial who have been told the unfair America owes them free shit.  In a compromise to appease the far left, Biden will sell his soul to the socialist leaning candidates for support to unify the party by choosing someone like the banshee Kamala Harris as a running mate (don't fool yourself, she'd jump on the offer faster than Willie's Willie).  And in the outside chance he was elected the 46th President and get's his own big ass portrait in the WH, serves a year in office and resign for some unnamed health reason.  The Left would then have their first woman, socialist, black radical tyrant voodoo queen president.

The Revolution would begin shortly after.......

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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Middle Finger Symphony Theater Sunday Matinee


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Back To The USSR: More of Bernie's Soviet Tapes Uncovered

Note: Fear not dear reader. There are no nauseating videos of a half naked Bernie Sanders within this post. 

The mood is festive as the "Man Who Combs His Hair with a Balloon" and his blushing bride bestow the gifts: A Beatles album (The White One No Doubt) a red “Bernie for Burlington” button, “delicious Vermont candy” and a tape of tunes Sanders recorded himself with fellow comrades from Vermont among other goodies, was the scene as reported by Politico Magazine who viewed the previously unseen 3½ hours of raw footage of comrade Bernie's visits to Yaroslavl, Moscow and St. Petersburg in 1988. And DJT just may have been given a juicy political gift..... 
The hours of footage include a scene of Sanders sitting with his delegation at a table under a portrait of Vladimir Lenin. Sanders can be heard extolling the virtues of Soviet life and culture, even as he acknowledges some of their shortcomings. There are flashes of humor, too, such as his host warning the American guests not to cross the KGB, or else. And Sanders “If you’re wondering what’s wrong with capitalism, it’s made in Hong Kong," he jokes. "Sorry about that.” 
Earlier this year, two minutes of the long-lost videos went viral. The clip featured a shirtless Sanders and other Americans singing “This Land Is Your Land” to their hosts after relaxing in a sauna. A few minutes later, Sanders doled out the gifts to his Russian friends with a towel wrapped around his waist. 
The newest video also paints a fuller picture of why Sanders ventured to the land of America’s No. 1 enemy in the midst of the Cold War, the anti-war idealism that fueled his journey, and what he found when he got there. Sanders is seen living it up with Russians. There are, naturally, shrines to Lenin everywhere. In one scene, Sanders and his wife, as well as other couples, boogie to live Russian music. 
The tapes also reveal Sanders and his team being wooed by the Soviet Union: They eat nice-looking meals, tour a decorated subway station, take horse-and-buggy rides, and watch professional dancers. A cab driver serenades members of Sanders’ delegation — it’s not clear whether Sanders himself is in the car — with songs for minutes on end. When they return home, the Americans said the cabbie liked them so much that he didn’t charge a fare. The tapes also showed people who appear to be waiting in line for food as well as the Soviet Union’s shabby housing stock. 
For now, many of the videos will remain available for viewing only in CCTV’s archives. POLITICO learned about the tapes after reporting on a TV show Sanders created while mayor called “Bernie Speaks With the Community.” The government-access channel is not planning to put the raw tapes documenting the Soviet Union trip online because they never aired. 
Sanders’ opponents, though, will likely find much in the tapes to call outlandish. And in a campaign season in which Democrats are concerned about nothing more than defeating President Donald Trump, there’s plenty of material that Democratic voters might worry the Republican Party could spin into a 30-second negative ad.

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Whoopi & Boobs McCain Mock Bill De Bolshevik: Get Back To Finishing Off NYC, The Clown Car is Full

"Bill De Blasio Unites America ---- Against His Presidential Bid" - New York Post

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio announced overnight he was joining the crowded Democrat 2020 Clown Parade. The termed-out politician, known for his habitual tardiness, finally decided to run after five months of toying with a White House bid. On todays 'The Veiw' Whoopi Goldberg couldn’t stop laughing at the apparent absurdity of the unpopular De Blasio running for President, while her liberal co-hosts earnestly tried to make the case that his radical policies had actually been good for New York.

Boobs McCain laughed hysterically during the rant while Hens Sunny Hostin and Maude Behar looked on, stonefaced. Finally Behar could take it no more and quipped, “He’s done some good things!” before offering a leftist defense of his radical policies:


New Yorkers know better than anyone what a disaster Bill de Blasio would be for the country.  They probably want to keep their skyscrapers, too.
Laughing at De Blasio is trending #1 on the Tweeter....


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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Eating Your Daily Gruel In London Might Just Get You a Trip to the Dungeon.

In our continuing attempt here at DMF to keep you abreast of the latest news in the annals of the decline of Western Civilization, we take you to the seat of the once great British Empire, London England, which is not so great anymore. The people who once tried to take away our guns sheepishly gave up their own, and who now get thrown in jail for Facebook post.

This comes to us from our friend Brian Anderson @ Def Con News:
Here in America we worry about democrats trying to take away our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Over in England, Royal subjects are not allowed to have guns so Brits run around stabbing each other, which prompted the government to take away knife ownership rights. Naturally British thugs have to move on to carrying something else lethal.  From the Regents Park Police Tweeter:
"Yesterday we conducted weapons sweeps,dealt with a person injured from a van reversing on them, reported a burglary and collected all these from @scope charity shop who diligently didn’t want them to get into the wrong hands & disposed of correctly & safely"

As you can see in the photo (click image to biggify), the Regents Park police (London) confiscated a bunch of cutlery and one of those wieney fencing swords. It’s also hard to miss the 3 pot roast forks as well as a rusty spoon. Wait. A rusty spoon?

This is the picture the Regents Park police have on their Twitter page, so maybe this all makes sense:

In the annals of crime fighting, bragging about taking a rusty spoon off the streets qualifies as the most pathetic law enforcement action ever. British thugs started using knives to victimize people. The natural reaction was to ban knives because without knives assholes have no way of hurting other people.  Criminals found and exploited a loophole and apparently started using hammers and so UK police asked citizens to report anyone buying tools in a hardware store. I’m not even kidding about this.

With guns, knives, and hammers all banned, those crafty bad guys figured out how deadly spoons are and now the British police are confiscating those.  It’s just a matter of time before criminals in the UK start using cheese graters and melon-ballers to infect untold carnage. Rest assured the cops will meet that threat head on.

Let’s use this hilarious thing as a reminder of how great it was for our Founding Fathers to kick the crap out of the British and establish our wonderfully free country. We don’t even have a Constitutional amendment protecting our spoon ownership rights and yet we still have all the damn spoons we want. That’s what liberty is all about

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Senator Lizzy Tells Fox Where They Can Stick Their Town Hall

The floundering leaderless Democrats are still milling about like ants whose hill was stomped on by voters in 2016, and Senator Lizzy Warren has angrily posited that she will not lower herself, nor allow the largest cable news audience in the country a chance to swoon, together, at her professorsplaining her views and making it so easy for all of us to understand. She tweeted:
“I love town halls. I’ve done more than 70 since January, and I’m glad to have a television audience be a part of them. Fox News has invited me to do a town hall, but I’m turning them down—here’s why. Fox News is a hate-for-profit racket that gives a megaphone to racists and conspiracists—it’s designed to turn us against each other, risking life & death consequences, to provide cover for the corruption that’s rotting our government and hollowing out our middle class.”
I guess Lizzy hadn't heard of Bernie Sander's Fox town hall in Pennsylvania, which was a rousing ratings success and an opportunity to showcase how some of his staple commie issues like Medicare for All resonated with an audience in a state that help DJT over the top 2016.  Following Sanders TH, a number of  Dems are eager for their own hour of free air time and are in talks with the network about doing their own town halls. But Lizzy, Oh Hell No!

Not that a known liar spouting  failed radical liberal policies of  warmed over mutation of Barack Obama and the new far left that appeal to lily-white Democrats who consider themselves experts on knowing how poor people should run their lives would fly very well with a fox audience.

As far as calling Fox as a "megaphone to racists and conspiracists", I guess Lizzy can't get the the wall to wall 24/7 nutcase anti- Trump CNN programming (except when airplanes disappear) that includes the almost nightly pontificating of a panel of gay or black bigots spewing hateful nonsense, presided over by the dumbest man in cable news, Don Lemon.

But on second though, after Lizzy's last televised town hall where she waved her arms about and rattled on sounding like a back-alley bag lady on meth, she may just be too embarrassed ......

Monday, May 13, 2019

Oh Yeah, NOW I'm Convinced

Everyone's favorite caricature of their slightly mentally disturbed Middle School General Science Teacher, Bill Nye the Science Guy. 

Caution: Strong Language

The rhetoric on environmental issues from the Left is as astounding as it is dishonest. When you hear the statements about how close we are to the brink of no return with global warming, ever hear them speak about stopping countries like China and India from pushing us over this supposed brink?

(Liz Wheeler Tweeter Box)

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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Jeff Bezos Addresses Rumors of POTUS Aspirations

MFNS Jeff Bezos, the creepy looking Amazon founder and CEO,  held a hastily called press conference in front of the 100-foot polished brass plated blast-proof doors guarding the entrance to his underground headquarters at the base of Mount Rainier. He called reporters together to address recent rumors and make clear that he has “No illusion or aspiration for the office of president of the United States.” Reporters in attendance struggled to hear Bezos over the din of endless dodecacopter drones whisking heavy machinery into the subterranean factory/AI hive/research facility.

Bezos explained that a step down from his current position to the office of POTUS would be a mistake on par with “having a Facebook account in this day and age,” but left open the idea of a lateral move. 
“I would certainly entertain taking a position of comparable importance and meaning… something along the lines of Prime Minister of Earth.”
When asked if he meant “earn” or “seek” such a position, Bezos answered in his normal, matter of factly manner,
No, I said take the position. That’s what I meant.” 
Bezos, who some quietly whisper is not of this earth, recently claimed the title of Richest Man on the Planet, which press kits point out is actually “Richest being in the solar system, and known universe.” And since his acquisition of Whole Foods Co. and the Washington Post Inc., Bezos has made major inroads into future control of the worlds food supply as well as the dissemination of truth and information.

When asked by REDACTED, correspondent for REDACTED, if the recent unveiling of his cardboard Blue Moon Lander was “just some dumb Amazon dot com publicity stunt,” REDACTED was quickly whisked away by Amazon robotic security and disappeared, and any trace of him erased from history. To confirm this, we searched online archives for any mention of REDACTED or his work at REDACTED and found no results.

The wealthiest creature in the Galaxy has more important things to do besides being your President, like sucking the precious bodily fluid outa the Moon.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


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Yes, Everything You Know Is Wrong.

 Social media, and the internet have helped to foster a cult of ignorance. 

We are witnessing an incredible accelerating wave of anti-rationalism and emotion over reason in public debate, and blurring of lines among fact and opinion and lies. Today, everyone knows everything. Today, it is absolutely true that all voices, even the most ridiculous are demanding to not only be heard but to be taken seriously, to be given equal seriousness to every other voice, regardless of the disparity in educational achievement. And attempts to verify or qualify the credibility of a person or group of people claiming to know things, are dismissed as hate-speech and/or fascism.

Tom Nichols, author of 'The Death of Expertise' has this to say:
"the increasingly democratic dissemination of information, rather than producing an educated public, has instead created an army of ill-informed and angry citizens who denounce intellectual achievement."
We're seeing this everywhere. On college campuses, in political campaigns, in debates on cable news masquerading as journalism, where twenty-something “Experts” pontificate about subjects they know little about.  And it’s not only the death of expertise, as explained by Nichols, it is also the death of reasoned debate, and, ironically, it is the death of tolerance.

We are told we only have 12 years left until the world ends from climate change…if you disagree you are a climate denier.  We need to break our addiction to fossil fuels or our coastal cities will end up under water…if you disagree you are anti-science.  

If you oppose abortion you hate women and obviously want to rule over them....If you oppose higher taxes you’re anti-government and want potholes, dirty air, and anarchy....If you support a secure border you’re not only xenophobic, you hate brown people.....If you are against Socialism you know nothing about Sweden and of course, you hate poor people… If you support Capitalism, you’re obviously against the environment and hate poor people.…

If you wear a “Make America Great Again” hat, you hate blacks, women, Mexican, gays and you want to bring back Jim Crow, back-alley abortions, and slavery….If you support DJT you are a sexist, bigot and a fascist who hates democracy and the rule of law… If you oppose gender-neutral bathrooms, you clearly hate transgender people…etc, etc,etc.

Remember, everything is right until it’s wrong. Believe me. You can take it to the bank......

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

No Kamala, You're Not a Victim. You're Just An Extremely Unlikable Person.

According to Sen. Kamala Harris, it’s no coincidence that the top three Democrats leading in 2020 Democrat primary polls are white guys.  According to her, it’s the result of biased media pundits shaping black folks views with discussions on who is electable in today's america.  In her case, I'm sure her lack of perceived electablity has nothing to do with the Creepy Voodoo Witch persona she sometimes projects.

Speaking to the folks at the NAACP’s Fight for Freedom Dinner in the democrat run paradise of Detroit, the 2020 contender pathetically whined about her lack of popularity, saying that the media’s discussions about “electability” are leading minorities to believe that only a white man can defeat Donald Trump.  I don't know, kinda sounds like Kamala is calling black folks stupid and can't think for themselves. According to The Washington Post, her message to her predominantly black audience was to “stop believing the pundits’ take and get behind the candidates you align with personally.  Or, can't you see I'm black and a women dammit!

Unfortunately for Kamala, in the most recent Quinnipiac survey, only 2 percent of voters think she can beat Trump.  The number is the same when "controlled for voters of color."  The angry black woman in Manolo Blahnik shoes act is not playing well in middle America, black or white.  Even Harris’s fellow California lawmaker, Sen. Di Feinstein, has reportedly abandoned her in favor of white guy Joe. Feinstein confirmed Tuesday that because she’s known Biden for 20 years, she intends to vote for him.

Sorry Kamala, but America is not the slobbering leftist women at the table on 'The View' ya know.  Maybe it just hasn't hit her yet that most American people don’t care for her proposed commie policies, taking away the American's health care provider choices, guns and wealth.  Or maybe even democrats now realizes what they did to the county by reelecting Barack Obama.  We are paying dearly for it culturally now.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Los Angeles Renames Three Mile Road After Famous Skid Mark

City fathers of the law-defiant, out-of-touch, morally bankrupt, sanctuary city of Los Angeles renamed a 3.5-mile long city street, formerly known as Rodeo Road, officially Obama Boulevard’ on Saturday. The Boulevard, not to be confused with Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, runs through a predominately black neighborhood that includes Rancho Cienega Park.

While Mr. Obama was unable to attend the dedication ceremony, he did express his gratitude in a letter to the tens of hundreds who gathered in his honor.  It's good to see he’s achieving as much in retirement as he achieved as President, and demonstrate what a boy born in his grandmother's back room in Kenya can become.

With mostly left turns and the road signs that appear after you pass the turn, the newly-named street intersects with Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. The new street name that indicates you definitely made a wrong turn intersects with the old street name that indicates you definitely made a wrong turn. As Chris Rock once said, the last street you want to be on at night is any of them named after Martin Luther King.

Signs along the presently feces, homeless camp and used needle free street, state the work of revitalizing the area was funded by Barack's stimulus package' but oddly no work was known to every have been done. Never has so many bestowed so much on so few who have done so little to earn it. It seems like the less a politician accomplishes, the more they're lionized.

Quite ironical, Obama was apparently unable to inspire investment in the community during his eight years, but now there is an “opportunity zone” adjacent to Obama Boulevard as the result of the work done by Housing and Urban Affairs Secretary Ben Carson and President Trump’s 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

In a related story: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has effectively ended homelessness in the city by planting a mural and encouraging people to walk. If you don’t understand how that fixes everything, you’re probably one of those alt-right Nazi guys with a MAGA hat.

(Daily Wire)
(La Times)

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Monday, May 6, 2019

Like, OMG. Like "Food that comes out of dirt! It’s magic!”

The republic is doomed. We’ve read the Roman empire was destroyed by lead water pipes and the Chinese empire by bureaucracy. Historians will say the American republic succumbed to the abject stupidity of its elected representatives. Perhaps AOC thought vegetables were manufactured at a Ford plant. I can't wait until she finds out where BABIES come from......

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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Attention White People: You Have Been Given Permission To Enjoy Cinco de Mayo

Yes! Our tolerant and moral betters at the Huffington Post have given you almost guilt-free OK to drink beer and appropriate Mexican cuisine for yourselves this weekend!!! You may proceed to the store for your Dos Equis and Cuervo and salsa. Getting a pass from an outlet so plugged into progressive puritanism is a big deal don't ya know. But tread carefully, Gringos. HuffPo’s Garin Pirnia is on to you:
"May 5 is Cinco de Mayo, an American-Mexican marketing holiday in which people drink an excessive amount of margaritas and Coronas, stuff their faces with discounted tacos and probably have no idea what the holiday actually represents...."
Uh, Yeah. And we already know about the kickin' Napoleon's nephew out of Mexico thing. So your point is?? 
"Despite the commercialism of the holiday and the way people (usually white people) can disrespect Mexican culture by wearing sombreros and fake mustaches, a couple of Mexican chefs are fine with the day."
I guess this wouldn’t be the Huffington Post we all have grown to point and laugh at if the cat ladies didn’t have a tortilla chip on their shoulders. Not that it really matters. We’re only talking about it because, as Pirnia put it:
"In the late 1980s, Mexican beer companies discovered they could make loads of money from an Americanized holiday."
People making money serving delicious food and drink, and people having fun. What a disgrace! Anyway, don’t have too much fun, oppressors. You’re still on probation for that Cinco de Mayo party you threw in 2006 -- you know, with the hat dance and the pinata full of airline bottle liquor, downed margaritas, donned fake mustaches and ate tortilla chips out of oversized sombreros!  White people -- is there anything they can’t ruin?

Jose' Biden Para El Presidente / Veinte Veinte


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Thursday, May 2, 2019

And They Wonder Why No One Watches. CNN to Host James Comey Town Hall to Mark 2 Years Since His Firing

It's been reported that CNN’s prime-time ratings dropped a whopping 26 percent in April compared to last year, according to Nielsen Media Research, a decrease marking its lowest-rated month in total viewers since October 2015.

So, their answer to this bad news? Let's have another one of our prime-time, high production, scripted with predetermined questions, phony Town Halls that no one will watch.

The quickly sinking news network announced Gloria Vanderbilt's precious son Andy will host disgraced former FBI director James Comey on May 9th town hall, which just happens to be the second anniversary of his firing by DJT.  Now I'm not really sure why they think anyone would want to listen to Comey, unless this is another one of CNN's goofy ways of inserting themselves into a story as if they are actually doing real journalism, or just trying to capitalize on the publicity of Comey's recent bazaar little Op-ed trashing AG Barr and DJT in the NYT's.

After good pre-order sales of Comey's book, released only a couple of weeks ago, the sales have nose dived into the realm of run of the mill romance novels and Sci-Fi fiction releases, and poorly attended book signs. Comey's op-ed was a grasp at remaining relevant. It's puzzling to me what Comey could say now that he hasn't already said, or why CNN programmers think anyone would care if he did. Makes you wonder if CNN's reputation is so bad now they've resorted to recruiting  from high school yearbook staffs.

Corrupt Obama Era Attorney General Loretta Lynch and her FBI Homie Comey 

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

I Can't Stop Laughing!.....Chuck Grassley Murdered the Media and Slowly Walked Away…....

84 year-old Chuck Grassley pulls the biggest mic drop pimp move I've ever seen!

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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Beto's O'Rourke's Campaign Events Are So Bad He Is Inviting Mexico to Come

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the apparent lead balloon of a presidential campaign of Beto O'Rourke has targeted social media advertisements at individuals across the frontera mexicana, as can be seen in this screenshot of the Facebook transparency tools. Facebook has for the past year allowed users to see where a group is targeting it sponsored posts using the "info and ads" tab.

The Beto campaign event page posted in English and Spanish shows he was paying to have certain posts targeted at users in Mexico. Among them, O'Rourke paid to blast out to Mexicans an invitation to his campaign stop today at the Jacobs Center in San Diego, Calif. Y'all come on up and stay awhile!   
"It is unclear why O'Rourke is running ads in Mexico for his campaign to be president of the United States. There is a Democrats Abroad primary that will be held next March, but O'Rourke has made no mention of it thus far on the campaign trail. A review of the Facebook pages for each of O'Rourke's Democratic opponents for the presidential nomination found that none were running ads targeting anybody outside the United States."
Well, it's pretty easy to figure this one out......the novelty is beginning to wear off. Beto needs the butts in the seats to make a good show for the media cameras and big money contributors, and to help draw the Hispanic vote, legal or illegal, to do well in the coming border states primaries. Poor Beto's campaign stops have been less and less fruitful lately, and he took a big hit by losing the favor of daytime televisions political science geniuses, the white-male bashing cackling hens of 'The View'.



(Beto For America)
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Joe Biden's Mouth Outruns It's Supply Line.....

Pray Tell Joe. Which Is It? BullS**t Biden or Gaslight Joe?

Former Two Term Assassination Insurance Policy for Barack Obama, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

We’ve all had the word burned into our minds almost since the day Donald Trump announced his run for President. “Collusion.” It was the grease for the most egregious example of fake news of our time. And we've all heard the word "gaslighting", a tactic of people who try to control others through manipulation, often accusing others of behaviors that they are engaged in themselves.

And while DJT never ‘colluded’ with Russia or anyone other than hard working Americans, it looks as if it's Joe Biden running smack into hard, admitted collusion with foreign leaders. But he’s keeping WHO a secret.

Consider Biden’s recent boast, as reported in Politico, that "I get calls from people all over the world — world leaders are calling me — and they’re almost begging me to do this, to save the country, save the world." Level with us 'Lunchbucket Joe', Who are they? What foreigners are attempting to influence our election and direction of our policy? Umm Joe.

What foreign leaders don’t like a tougher America on trade, and against terrorism and against our avowed enemies? Who was it Joe, Sounds like maybe Russia? China? Iran? North Korea? ISIS? Any of these, Joe? These are the countries and terror groups who most want to reverse course to the Obama 'easy on our enemies' policies. Who wants America to again be weak? To again ignore terror organizations? To again ignore nuclear weapons and ICBM development in rogue states? To finally eliminate America’s borders? To betray our enemies and befriend our sworn enemies? To offer encouragement and a blind eye to gangs and state actors who smuggle into America all the drugs, weapons and terrorists they can? Who’s colluding, Joe?

This, after John Kerry met with Iranian dictators, advising them to ‘wait out’ President Trump at which time their worldwide reign of terror and nuclear weapons could resume at warp speed. Joe, are you colluding with the likes of a John Kerry and the butchers in Tehran? With Hillary and her friends in Russia?

Pray Tell Joe, who are these world leaders that begged you to run for president.

It seems that Biden, not silent in the relentless and fake-news attacks on the president of the United States, is not silent in his crying wolf that Trump, not himself is the colluder, and fits the definition of “accusing you of behaviors that they are engaged in themselves."

"Lunchbucket Joe?" Or maybe "Colluding Joe" or "Gaslight Joe." Take your pick.

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Monday, April 29, 2019

If Anyone Would Know About No Hope of Getting a Date, It Would Be The Sissy Boys at the NYTs

It's been a really bad week for our betters in the ivory tower of the paper of record. Anti-Semitic cartoons, calling Jesus a Palestinian and now this pathetic defense of Ocasio-Cortez and socialism. They’re really covering themselves in glory these days.

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A Good Monday Morning

Saturday, April 27, 2019

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