Saturday, July 20, 2019

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Guess Who Turns Out to be Big Fan of Ilhan Omar?

Over the last six months, they have lavished praise on Ilhan Omar for her antisemitic beliefs, even calling Omar the most important member of Congress. They also praised "The. Most. Important. Member of Congress" after she called Barky Obama a "pretty face" who “got away with murder”.

The former Democrat Party presidential candidate even mocked DJT for supposedly being under the control of "Zionist political controllers":
"You dared to tell the Zionist political controllers you didn't want their money. Now of course, they are crucifying you! How in the hell can you say that Rep. Omar should resign for saying essentially the same thing you said? Man UP!"
They insisted that Rep. Omar "told the truth" in antisemitic comments that were roundly condemned by Trump and other members of Congress. They even proposed the possibility of forming "partial coalitions" with Rep. Omar. 

And the love affair refuses to die. Here’s a tweet from July 17:
"Trump can explicitly defend Jews against the obvious truth Omar speaks about the control & influence of Israel over American politics, but doesn't dare explicitly address her *learned* anti-Whiteness. Why is that?"
Meanwhile, Morning Poop with Squinty Scarborough are talking about how DJT is engaging in “David Duke Racism” against the squad?

Friday, July 19, 2019

Poll Shows the “Racist” Charge is not Simply Policy, but Ingrained in the Democrat Party.


It stands to reason that when a party uses identity politics as its core belief system then the positioning of every issue as being racial will be held by growing numbers of members. While DJT's recent tweet-storm could be called ill-advised, the automatic charge of "racism" has raised some questions. To what race was he being intolerant?  Is merely having disagreeable words with select members enough to be constituted as "racist"?

For a large number of Democrats that answer is 'Yes'. Rassmussen just conducted a poll that showed a significant segment of party members consider merely being critical is enough to earn the accusation of intolerance. One-in-three Democrats polled think it’s racism any time a white politician criticizes a politician of color.

Note the significance here; it is not just racially-charged language, but any criticism is considered racist.

This reflects on what we have been seeing play out in the media for months now since the mid-term election. Anytime policy ideas have been challenged, or some of the many factual errors and false propaganda which these freshman members have put forth are pointed out, there has been a knee-jerk reaction that it is rooted in racism, or sexism, or both.

Tellingly, within this same poll it is seen that this tactic is not having the intended effect. Despite that emotionally-charged environment, the number of people who believed Trump to be racist actually dropped in comparison to a previous poll with similar questioning. The respondents were asked about these issues during the Democrat and media effort to establish Trump’s words were deeply racist. Yet while they loudly trying to sell the nation on this notion the result was fewer people believing he is racist, and more people seeing this as a purely political effort to smear him. That is a detail very few in the media are going to be pointing out.

In A Related Story:

Trump So Racist Cause He So Crazy
Raw Story spoke with Dr. Bandy X. Lee:

You know this is going to be good because they found someone who thinks tweets are violence and “left-wing crank” is a racial slur.

(Sister Toldjah)
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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Hollywood’s Leftist Embarrassing 2020 Embrace of New Age Loon Marianne Williamson

Monday evening, a crowd of several hundred people milled around one of the entertainment industries temples, the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, surrounded by blue light and a floor full of pink balloons. Some guests came in flower crowns, one wore Mickey Mouse ears decked out as giant purple orbs. They were there to see Marianne Williamson, friend of Oprah, metaphysical guru, longtime lecturer on a “spiritual psychotherapy” guidebook allegedly dictated by Jesus, and 2020 presidential candidate.

The spiritual guru-cum-presidential candidate, who loves Avatar way more than anyone should, has inspired a rash of Rabelaisian tweets and head-scratching op-eds, including a doozy from the Washington Post titled “Marianne Williamson is the only true anti-Trump,” with the author opining that the bestselling author of A Return to Love possesses many of candidate Trump’s so-called “strengths,” including: “no political relationships yoking her to an ossified party consensus, no policy experience.”

After a Cher Horowitzish democrat debate performance, Williamson emerged as a half-loved, half-reviled, and somewhat-ignored political contender. But she is less ignored in Los Angeles. Williamson, the self-described “bitch for God” who comes off like a cross between a becrystaled Goop disciple from Monterey and the deranged dance mom in Donnie Darko, is surging since her mystifying performance at the first Democratic debate. A recent survey had her polling ahead of Spartacus Booker and Krissy Gillibrand in New Hampshire.

She also seems to have a knack for getting white people to apologize to blacks for slavery, which is in line with the democrat's perpetual victimization mentality.

Williamson first ran for public office in 2014 as an independent to represent California’s 33rd congressional district and was endorsed by the likes of Eva Longoria, Nicole Richie, Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian. She finished a distant fourth. And it looks like Hollywood didn’t learn its lesson.

Tuesday, alleged actress Alyssa Milano, who has rebranded as a tweeter political activist recently and who can spot Nazis at a glance, tweeted that she would be attending Williamson’s fundraiser in Beverly Hills. Records compiled by ProPublica for the 2020 election cycle reveals among others, sizable donations from actor Jeff Bridges, musician Dave Navarro, film execs Bill Pohlad and James Cummings, film producer Rhonda Eiffe, and author Deepak Chopra.

Despite her earth-mother demeanor and “girlfriend, you are so on” histrionics, Williamson's act is a cynical ploy to hawk more of her self-help books and preach her “conquering through love” gospel. 

That she made it anywhere near the presidential debate stage is an embarrassment to the Democratic Party. You Go Girl!!

(Daily Beast)
(LA Times)

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Stormy Daniels Case Finally Reaches Climax

We perceive scandals only as long as they are projected onto us, and this has never been truer than it is now. Particularly in the case of DJT, where the media diverts all other news to the back burner in order to disparage and delegitimize the Commander in Chief.

They hold a controversial or infuriating stance in our faces until such a time as they find another, larger, more salacious carrot to dangle. It's all an act and due to the nature of the theatrics, we often don't hear about or care about the final results. We are truly only concerned with the impact that the accusations have at the political level. Such was certainly the case when it came to Stormy Daniels and her accusations against Donald Trump. As the legal proceedings draw to a close, exoneration for the President has arrived once more.
"President Trump’s legal team is declaring victory, as a federal judge said in a court order Wednesday that the investigation of hush-money payments arranged by Michael Cohen – which Cohen claims were at Trump’s direction – has come to an end. Judge William H. Pauley III announced that prosecutors in the Southern District of New York revealed this development to the court in a status report, as media companies including The New York Times, Associated Press, CNN, and Dow Jones & Co. have pushed to unseal the search warrant materials related to the case. 
The end of the investigation likely means no additional charges will be filed against anyone, including the president....."
This legal victory for the President comes months after the Stormy Daniels case has faded from the public mind. The media has pushed away from the story, knowing that it was a sham and vindication would come, and in favor of stories that to this day are damaging to the President.

(Freedom Outpost)
(Fox News)

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019


On July 18 of 1969, the world was waiting anxiously for the Apollo 11 landing on the surface of the Moon. Because they were risking their lives, a speech had to be prepared for President Nixon to read in the event they were stranded on the moon with no way back. The President's speechwriter imagined the worst case scenario as he expertly wrote the following somber memo to President Nixon's Chief of Staff, H. R. Haldeman.

Its contents: a contingency plan, in the form of a speech to be read out to the nation and the world by Nixon should Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin become stranded on the Moon,  followed by some brief instructions relating to its broadcast.

Here's the full speech, written by future New York Times columnist William Safire.
The last sentence ... oh man!
To: H. R. Haldeman  
From: Bill Safire  
July 18, 1969.   
Fate has ordained that the men who went to the moon to explore in peace will stay on the moon to rest in peace. 
These brave men, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, know that there is no hope for their recovery. But they also know that there is hope for mankind in their sacrifice. 
These two men are laying down their lives in mankind's most noble goal: the search for truth and understanding. 
They will be mourned by their families and friends; they will be mourned by the nation; they will be mourned by the people of the world; they will be mourned by a Mother Earth that dared send two of her sons into the unknown. 
In their exploration, they stirred the people of the world to feel as one; in their sacrifice, they bind more tightly the brotherhood of man. 
In ancient days, men looked at the stars and saw their heroes in the constellations. In modern times, we do much the same, but our heroes are epic men of flesh and blood. 
Others will follow, and surely find their way home. Man's search will not be denied. But these men were the first, and they will remain the foremost in our hearts. 
For every human being who looks up at the moon in the nights to come will know that there is some corner of another world that is forever mankind.
PRIOR TO THE PRESIDENT'S STATEMENT: The President should telephone each of the widows-to-be. 
AFTER THE PRESIDENT'S STATEMENT, AT THE POINT WHEN NASA ENDS COMMUNICATIONS WITH THE MEN:  A clergyman should adopt the same procedure as a burial at sea, commending their souls to "the deepest of the deep," concluding with the Lord's Prayer.


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Monday, July 15, 2019

The ‘Squad’ Responds to DJT's Tweets at Press Conference


So....this is where we are – tweets on tweets on tweets, then press conferences about the tweets, most likely followed by more tweets on tweets on tweets..... And I find it tremendously ironic that a group who have a recent history of anti-White & and anti-Semitic statements should be criticizing anyone on the subject. But, here we are.... 


Ocasio-Cortez refuses to condemn the far-left terrorist attack on the ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington - The terrorist used Ocasio-Cortez's rhetoric in his manifesto.

Ilhan Omar repeatedly *refuses* to condemn the terrorist attack on the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in Tacoma, Washington.

A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Nuts Were Jumping Out of the Trees At The Nutroots Nation Conference.

For more than a decade Netroots Nation, an original creation of that nest of crazies at The Daily Koz, has hosted what is the closest thing to a religious celebration for leftist. At the annual conference Proglodytes, Deviants and Gucci Communist gather to listen to learned panelist drone on about how bad America is, to discuss more effective ways of calling you a racist..etc. all while trying to come to some semblance of cohesion among themselves that never materializes because these are people who will never be satisfied no matter what.

This weekends get together featured, among others, the little commies who are now engaged in a civil war with Nancy Pelosi: Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley. The fake weave maven Pressley in particular went off the rails, throwing bombs at the Congressional Caucus' of Colored People for not being colored enough and supporting San Fran Nan in their girls locker room feud.


In the context of the panel, she’s clearly saying two things. That black or brown or sexually deviant representatives only speak for people like them and people who aren’t like them can just f*** right off. She’s also saying by implication that the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus are disloyal to their own heritage presumably because they are supporting Nancy Pelosi.

The Democrats, both establishment and “Justice” varieties can try to tamp this down but the fact is that the Justice Democrats have no interest in winning the 2020 election–Trump is a much better foil for them than any Democrat–and probably no interest in retaining the House if that means that the Democrat caucus has a lot of members who are from purple districts or who are trying to hold onto seats in Red districts.

They want a more cohesive and more radical majority in charge before trying to gain control. This is nearly a remake of the Menshevik-Bolshevik split in Revolutionary Russia. Just this week, AOC accused Nancy Pelosi of fomenting death threats against her and her chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, who both called Blue Dog Democrats in the House the equivalent of segregationists.

I suggest you stock up on popcorn. It's just gettin' gooder and gooder.......


Saturday, July 13, 2019

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AOC Suffers Third Degree Burns Over 90% Of Her Butt


Much of the lackluster American intelligensia, or what passes for it, seems to have an inability to distinguish glib from intelligent (that’s how late night comedians became the thought leaders of the Democrat party). This is certainly the case with freshman communist Democrat Alexandria Ocashew-Cortex.

If any other human had uttered the patent nonsense that has emanated from this person’s mouth, they would have been given the Dan Quayle treatment long ago. But because of the effortless and pseudo-lucid way in which she spouts stunningly stupid statements, people claim she’s smart. Much of this is pushed by sexually frustrated hipsters who thing if they White Knight her that she may notice them. Seriously, when was the last time you heard a member of Congress praised for a high school science fair project? Or being called a “scholar” because you have a bachelor’s degree?

But what happens when she goes up against someone who actually understands the subject matter, who is smart, and who recognizes that AOC compares unfavorably to your random bag of clawhammers? We now have the answer to that. 

 I’m not going to give you a transcript of this because I want you to watch it. 

You Can Read More Here

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Friday, July 12, 2019

CBC Accuses Commie Front Group of Targeting Black Lawmakers Districts

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus are accusing the Justice Democrats, a far-left group that supports policies like the Green New Deal and Medicare for All, of trying to unseat longtime African-American lawmakers through primaries. Justice Democrats, a commie front group masquerading as political action committee, founded by 'synthetic socialist' Kyle Kulinski and communist Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, and now controlled by radical Hispanic activist Alexandra Rojas, are perhaps best known for backing Rep. Alexandria Ocashew-Cortex’s primary bid against congressman Joe Crowley, and are now backing primary challengers against 10-term incumbent Rep. Lacy Clay (D-MO) and Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), who is viewed to be a potential successor to Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

In the 2018 elections, 7 candidates endorsed by Justice Democrats won in the general election: Raúl Grijalva, Ro Khanna, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Pramila Jayapal. Look again at those names.

But Justice Democrats may not be stopping there, according to The Hill. Four other black lawmakers could be next:
"And CBC leaders are fretting that Justice Democrats may target other black lawmakers in the coming weeks and months, including Reps. Yvette Clarke(D-N.Y.), Joyce Beatty (D-Ohio), Emanual Cleaver (D-Mo.) and Anthony Brown(D-Md.). Brown said the group has been making calls in his district, actively trying to recruit a challenger to run against him." 
"It just seems strange that the social Democrats seem to be targeting members of the Congressional Black Caucus, individuals who have stood and fought to make sure that African Americans are included and part of this process,” Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) told The Hill."
Race has been a hot topic among congressional Democrats this week. Ocasio-Cortez accused Pelosi of picking on “women of color” like herself and Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA). Several members of the CBC defended Pelosi against Ocasio-Cortez’s attacks.
“It does make you wonder what’s going on,” said CBC member Rep. Robin Kelly (D-Ill.). “Some names that have been mentioned all seem to be people of color, and more so CBC members.”
Looks like the Caucus of Congressional Black Folks have yet to come to the realization, whether they want to or not, that the more idealistic communist leaning youngsters who don't think their clown show just yelling racism at everything with little to show for their years of pathetic pandering and leaching off the taxpayers, are saying get outta of the way.

It's no longer the homegrown.  It's now time for sons and daughters of third world foreign immigrants, with no allegiance to the American Ideal or respect for her heritage, to take the reins of the useless party they have become.

(The Hill)

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Media Matters Beclowns Themselves. Makes Best Video Yet Exposing Dem's Far Left Stooges

In their ongoing anemic attempts at attacking anyone in the media to the right of Vladimir Lenin, the intellectual sinkhole and self-appointed media ankle-bitters known as Media Matters edited together video clips to show Fox news as "Lashing Out at Women of Color in Congress". What their video really does is reveals & catalogs truths about certain members of congress and their idiocy, racism and bigotry, while accusing Fox News of doing something wrong by pointing them out. This should be an RNC commercial. 

Somewhere I've heard this referred to as "Stompin' On Your Own D**K".  But I doubt anyone there is so equipped to do that, and since I run a classy joint here and don't use such shitty language, we'll just call it the "Don Lemon Effect."

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Democrat Donors’ Sex-Creep Club

By Michelle Malkin

Well, well, well. “Follow the facts,” Democratic strategist Christine Pelosi now advises fellow liberals in the wake of billionaire and high-flying political financier Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking indictment this week.  Some of “our faves” could be implicated in the long-festering scandal, the Pelosi daughter warned, so it’s time to “let the chips fall where they may.” Too bad Ms. Pelosi’s mommy hasn’t adopted that same attitude of accountability.

While serving as the highest-ranking elected woman in America for decades, San Fran Nan has chronically downplayed, whitewashed or excused the sleazy habits and alleged sexual improprieties of a long parade of Dem pervs — from former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner to former New York Reps. Eric Massa and Anthony Wiener to former Oregon Rep. David Wu to former Michigan Rep. John Conyers and current presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Since the woke-ty woke Democrats are now gung-ho on undoing special treatment of wealthy liberal sex creeps, perhaps they will soon be revisiting the matter of two of their other “faves,” Oregon real estate mogul and deep-pocketed left-wing White House donor Terry Bean and West Hollywood Clinton pal Ed Buck.

Here, let me help.

Terry Bean is the prominent gay rights activist who co-founded the influential Human Rights Campaign organization. He is also a veteran member of the board of the HRC Foundation, which disseminates Common Core-aligned “anti-bullying” material to children’s schools nationwide. Like Epstein, Bean also had a thing for young minors. In 2014, a grand jury charged him with horrifying sexual abuse allegations involving multiple victims — including a 15-year-old boy. After a sweeping investigation led by the Portland police department’s sex crime units and two county district attorney’s offices, authorities charged Bean with two felony counts of third-degree sodomy and one misdemeanor count of third-degree sex abuse. His 20-something boyfriend, Kiah Lawson, was indicted on third-degree sodomy and third-degree sexual abuse.

Then there’s Ed Buck, another Democratic gay rights leader and moneyman whose West Hollywood den was the scene of not one, but two overdose deaths of black men he allegedly paid for sex and drugs. An independent journalist/blogger, Jasmyne Cannick, who has investigated Buck’s sordid activities for several years, warned authorities that the influential campaign contributor was a “predator” who lured vulnerable minority men into his filthy orbit.

Buck has donated more than a half-million dollars to top California Democrats including current Gov. Gavin Newsom, former Gov. Jerry Brown, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, and LA District Attorney Jackie Lacey.

That’s a lot of chips falling in the coffers of the party that claims to care most about sex assault and human trafficking victims. Will Pelosi “follow the facts,” like her daughter recommends, or continue to cover up?

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They Left the Barn Door Open Again.....

Like that great philosopher once said, or did I hear it in the movies, "one barn door closes and other door opens and a fool rushes in" or something like that.  The door might've closed on the grand presidential ambitions of California gun grabber Eric Swalwell, but in rushes California billionaire Tom Steyer, who purchased the door and the rest of the barn from the looks of his video announcement.

This is just what the Democrat primary needs because their billionaire-underrepresentation problem is now solved. They already have a resident from another planet and could use a billionaire so Bernie Sanders will have someone handy to gesture angrily toward during the next debate. Steyer has no political experience but disappointed dozens in January when he announced that he wasn't going to run, but would instead focus his "time, energy, and resources" on his organization, Need To Impeach. He vowed to do "whatever it takes for as long as it takes" to remove Trump. Impeachment is going nowhere, so Steyer has decided to try defeating DJT at the ballot box. 
"Really what we're doing is trying to make democracy work by pushing power down to the people."
The media helps further the narrative by constantly describing him as a "billionaire activist" like he's secretly Batman or something. But he's not all talk or an Oprah-enabled flake. He founded NextGen America, which works to fight climate change by supporting candidates who actually believe it exists. He's even praised Alexandria Ocashew Cortex's Green New Deal. (most of his money was made on fossil fuel energy corporations, but we won't mention that).  AOC stated once that a world that allows for billionaires is "immoral.", so Steyer is trying to put his best billionaire foot forward by pledging  to donate half of his fortune to charity during his lifetime: That's ... zero fewer dinners out, but sure, great! Tom plans to live to 150, so there's no hurry. 

But can a white male corporate savior thrive in this primary race full of commies, expert race baiters, and dare I say,  nasty women?  The timing of Steyer's announcement is interesting. It's been a couple weeks since Crazy Joe's shaky performance at the Democrat debates. Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris have steadily risen in the polls, because they are 'Crockett and Tubbs' awesome.  So Tommy plans to take $100 million from his couch cushions and spend it on his campaign to see if it will help secure Steyer a spot at the next Democratic debate down on the far end of the bench with the lovely Marianne Williamson.

(LA Times)
(Journal of Progressive Regression) 

Monday, July 8, 2019

If Donald Trump Were a Democrat.

Using a combination of scientific research and learning A.I. algorithms, this is an approximation of President Trump's media coverage if he were a Democrat.

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A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Meow-Hiss! Speaker Nan Throws Shade at AOC & 'The Squad'.

Watching the many rifts within the Democratic Party grow is one of the few things about politics that actually bring some small joy these days. In one case, Nancy Pelosi has understandably grown tired of the immature and embarrassing antics of Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Presley, and of course, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Pelosi called ‘The Squad’ out for being all talk and no walk, spending far more time ‘tweeting’ than actually getting anything done. It would appear the House Speaker is especially unimpressed with their behavior in social media.

She tried to be chummy with the upstart freshmen for a Rolling Stone cover shoot, but the new kids on the block have gone to great lengths, like introducing impassible legislation, etc, to make things difficult for her. Pelosi DARED criticize the flailing foursome dropping the mic and an anvil in a Mo Dowd NYT interview:
"Pelosi says ⁦⁦@AOC⁩, ⁦@IlhanMN⁩, ⁦@AyannaPressley⁩ and ⁦⁦@RashidaTlaib “have their public whatever and their Twitter world. But they didn’t have any following. They’re four people and that’s how many votes they got."- @Josh Jamison

AOC was front and center in defense of herself and radical allies with a little clapback of her own....and it’s just painful.

Twitter is public sentiment? No, it’s more like sewer of noise on top of noise,  but whatever helps her sleep better at night.....

She might want to consider doing a little dialin' for dollars or investing in some ads because if her own district polling is any indication, she could very well get her ass un-elected come 2020.

Guess Pelosi didn’t have time to fake up a bunch of photos in front of an empty, fenced parking lot or go down to the border and claim a bunch of horrible things about CBP officers. I don't think it's a good idea to trust a woman women who spew antisemitism, cry at an empty parking lot, who said women were being forced to drink out of toilets, and who voted AGAINST funding Humanitarian Aid to help these people at the border.

Pelosi is going to crush these crazy broads like grapes.

(Weasel Zippers)
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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

~ No Tuxedos Required ~

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Basement Dwelling Fascist Dictate Their Own Free Speech Rules to The Media

To suggest at this point that terms like oblivious, contradictory, or hypocritical can be applied to the domestic terrorist group Antifa would require using another term — redundant. The group of queers, punks and outcast, along with their violent cop hating black allies all claiming it's doing the noble work of beating back the Nazi scourge in this country has been consistently the source of the very acts and behavior it says it has been charged with defeating.

Today in Washington D.C. has been no different. The reason for the gathering is to serve as a counter-protest to an organized free speech rally. “They want to use this opportunity to weaponize free speech!” Nothing better to see than groups opposing something and displaying a functional ignorance of the issue over which they are upset, saying something akin to “We don’t like how they use free speech!” bears some similarity to Orwellian language.

Better still is that in the areas where Antifa members have been permitted to organize they are distributing flyers with listed rules they want to enforce on anyone from the media. Soak that in: at a rally where people are calling for free speech the group that pledges to combat oppressive forces is dictating what the press will be forbidden from doing.

Image via Julio Rosas Tweeter

They want to forbid any members of the media who will not agree to their terms from entering the area where they are organized. A cute stipulation, considering they had to obtain a permit in order to congregate on what is public property.  

The third entry is especially precious. They imply that anything filmed against their will can be used in court, because they worry something incriminating could be recorded and will strive to obtain that footage through subpoena.

How does anyone not laugh at a group that calls itself “Anti Fascist” while it attempts to employ stridently fascistic techniques? Today they are marching in the streets of D.C., claiming the streets belong to them, and they create vandalism in their wake. Attempting to silence the media during a free speech rally only deepens the humor these thugs generate in their attempt at being taken seriously.

(Weasel Zippers)

Thursday, July 4, 2019

NTY's Blow: There Are Tanks In The Nation’s Capital And Concentration Camps At Its Border’

RS -Yes, the New York Times Charles Blow really said it. He tweeted, “Let this sink in: There are tanks in the nation’s capital and concentration camps at its border. The drift to [sic] toward the unimaginable is unmistakable.”

What is it exactly about patriotic displays that causes the left to completely lose all sense? The mere sight of a flag to a liberal has become the equivalent of showing a cross to a Satanist or kryptonite to Superman. And the most ironic thing about it is that liberals are running headlong toward a socialist ideology which actually does have the potential to rob them of their freedom.

It’s dangerous when “opinion leaders” such as Charles Blow and AOC make remarks like this. Before long, these phrases, outrageous as they are, will be picked up by other political commentators and politicians and will soon become part of normal conversation, just as terms like “manufactured crisis” have. The left has become increasingly anti-American and they no longer even try to hide it.

But it didn't take long for Patriotic Americans to burn his ass all over the tweeter:
“This is a lunatic take. This manages to insult Holocaust survivors and the US military all in one internet post.” 
“You should leave while you still can Charles.”“I guess you missed JFK’s inauguration.” “Let this sink in.” “The tanks are stationary & unarmed for a July 4th parade.” 
“Our “concentration camps” detain ILLEGAL migrants,& ALLOW THEM TO LEAVE OR APPLY FOR ASYLUM without the murder, slavery,one normally associates with them.@nytimes employs liars/demagogues.” 
“Someday there will be a new Republican president, who you will also breathlessly try to convince us all is Literally Hitler. Pace yourself.” 
“2020 is going to hurt you all so so bad.” 
“Your constant “EVERYTHING IS LITERALLY HITLER” is going to get him re-elected because people are tired of being constantly told they’re evil incarnate just for not being Democrats.” 
“Did you complain this hysterically when Eisenhower, Nixon, Clinton, Reagan, and Bush did it? It’s not the end of the world. Climb back in off the ledge.”
The left has lost all connection to reality, as they sit in the freest, wealthiest nation in the history of the world.

* Charles Blow is a senior opinion page columnist at the NYT, is a regular guest panelist on CNN, and in his free time enjoys engaging in man-butt sex. 

(Red State)
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Happy Independence Day!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

I Wonder If It Ever Dawned On Them to Just Tell the Truth??

US Media Braces for Brutal Year to Come

The consultancy Challenger Gray & Christmas reported this week that media companies, which include movies, television, broadcast and print news, announced plans to cut 15,474 jobs so far this year, of which 11,878 of which were from news organizations. That is nearly three times more than the 4,062 cuts announced in the media sector in 2017 and the highest total since the economic crisis in 2009.

"Members of the media, especially journalists news reporters have had a tough few years," said Andrew Challenger, vice president of the Chicago-based firm. Many jobs were already in jeopardy due to business models akin to severe cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Some of the notable events this year included the sale of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, resulting in the loss of most of the 250 newsroom jobs. But the troubles have also impacted the digital sector with BuzzFeed cutting 200 employees in January and Verizon eliminating 800 jobs in its media division, which includes Yahoo, AOL, and HuffPost.

Job cuts and consolidations are likely to continue until companies are able to find ways to create growth in revenue streams. Subscription-based models will only work if news organizations can convince consumers of the importance and value of their news. *snork* Another possibility for media companies is to monetize users' personal data. But there are are obvious ethical implications and potential legal issues,  especially as privacy laws begin to pass in various jurisdictions across the country. Ultimately, the quality of the country's news will start to decline if users refuse to pay for it. You know, like stepping in dog shit and monetarily rewarding the dog......


Tuesday, July 2, 2019

From His Booster Seat Robert Reich Proclaims "The Left is Now the 'Center' of American Politics."

Former Clinton Administration Labor Secretary, Robert B. Reich

The last time we visited one of our favorite kickball of the past, Robert Reich, he was on the CNN spouting crazy, claiming the anti-Trump campus unrest of 2017 were actually a right-wing plot to delegitimize liberals. Needless to say, we had a field day with that one. So much so, one DMF reader humorously accused me of abusing short people. But undeterred, today we visited Dr. Reich's site to see what leftist craziness has infected his overly active political imagination. He didn't disappoint.
"Donald Trump, Fox News, and Republicans in Congress label proposals they disagree with “fringe,” “radical,” or “socialist.” Well, let’s see where the American people actually stand:  
"On the economy, 76 percent of Americans favor higher taxes on the super-rich, including over half of registered Republicans. Over 60 percent favor a wealth tax on fortunes of $50 million or more."
Here he cites a Morning Consultant Poll, commissioned by the left leaning Politico magazine. It plays into the childish jealousy of the rich most have buried deep inside. Dr. Reich believes higher taxes and punishing wealth is an answer. When in fact, a wealth Tax is just another Socialist Utopian talking point that drives money offshore and not available business expansions.  If 10% is good enough for God, it's certainly good enough for the Federal gov.    
"What about health care? Well, 70 percent want Medicare for All, which most define as Medicare for anyone who wants it. 60 percent of Republicans support allowing anyone under 65 to buy into Medicare...."
Here he cites a HarrisX poll of only 1,000 respondents. Of course, this was before the recent debates when the Democrats all vowed to give free healthcare to the entire refugee population of the Western hemisphere. It would be interesting to re-poll those same respondents now. I believe the number would drastically change. 
"92 percent want lower prescription drug prices. Over 70 percent think we should be able to buy drugs imported from Canada."
Well DUH! This could and should have become a reality when the ironically name "Affordable Care Act" was written? Where was the Good Dr. when his party rammed down our throats their genus plan. In reality, Barky Obama threw a bone to the Pharmaceutical Industry bypassing this little piece, the most expensive part of anyone's non-surgical healthcare. Oh, and did I mention that despite all the talk of evil money back then, Big Pharma were large contributors to Barky's reelection campaign in 2012. Just sayin."  
"On family issues, more than 80 percent of Americans want paid maternity leave. 79 percent of voters want more affordable child care."
Another Well DUH! Paid Maternity leave is something no one should argue with. Newborns need their nurturin'. The lack of nurturing by two parents is more than evident in the streets of any American city today.  It should be a responsibility of any employer to provide this to working mother's and fathers as part of a health care package if available. I do, and at little extra cost. But the fore mentioned child care, Free government funded day cares are in the minds of the Dr. Reich's, and would be like any liberal programs do, eventually degenerate into non-working Tameka dropping off her chilren to go hang with the gurls at the nail salon at our expense.  The last thing America needs is a Government employee as a babysitter. Generous TAX CREDITS (I know that is a bad word in his world) is the answer so WORKING parents can afford to choose who cares for the little ones. 
"60 percent of Americans support free college tuition for those who meet income requirements."
Here he quotes from a glowing Reuters news story about the progressive movement. No actual link to this statement in the story so the number quoted can't be verified. In our culture, free college admissions will do to Higher Ed what medicare did for healthcare. It works in Europe, but is very selective. And that won't work here. No one ever asks why Universities like Harvard have billions in endowments, but cost so much to go there?? So like with the inception of Medicare & Medicaid, prices will rise quickly because the government treasure door is wide open. 
"62% think climate change is man-made and needs addressing."
It's useless to address this point to a true believer even after all the nonsense that has been exposed in relation to observation of natural earth changes as opposed to the actual evidence. His number is lifted from the Yale Climate Change Communication program. No bias there I'm sure. It's interesting to note that approximately the same number believe in life on other planets, and more than half of them believe in UFO's.  
"84 percent think money has too much influence in politics. 77 percent support limits on campaign spending."
I totally agree with Little Robert on this point. Labor unions extort millions from the members to give to democrat political campaigns and lobbyist, our taxpayers money in the millions are granted to organization such as Plan Parenthood, who in turn flood democrat candidates campaigns, and throw expensive events for their benefits.  And let's not forget the massive amounts of dark money from the slugs of the world like George Soros, that oozes into our  politics to elect leftist race compassionate district attorneys, and judges who are deciding the fate of America society, and bolstering the elections of  useful Idiots like AOC.  Yes Mr. Reich, we agree on this one.
"So why do the powerful call these policy ideas “fringe,” or “radical,” or “socialist?” Money. Many of these initiatives would cost them – requiring either higher taxes or regulations that might cut into their corporate profits. But just remember: the “center” is not halfway between what most Americans want and what Wall Street, and the super-wealthy want. The “center” is what the vast majority of Americans want. Left is Now the "Center" of American Politics."
Yes, Dr. Reich, Americans do see our flaws as a society. But I don't think we are ready to go the way of you and your nitwit socialist friend's one size fits all, bigger government way of thinking. Long memories will reveal that it was primarily leftist ideas and your party that created most of America's ills as they are today.

I'm sure you are a fine fellow, and still riding that title 'Mr. Secretary'. And I bet quite wealthy yourself, cushy job and all in that booster chair at the leftist utopia UC Berkely. But as I half-assed proof read this post, I was reminded of the words of the sassy wise next door neighbor 'Wonllna' of the ancient Television series 'Good Times'..... "NIGGER PLEASE!"

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Monday, July 1, 2019

Violence and Intolerance: Gay Pride and Rabid Puppies

While the gays pranced through the streets with their perverted pride parades and protests, some taking time to vandalize Chick-Fil-A, what’s interesting about this weekends Portlandagrad's Antifa’s mob assault of the journalist Andy Ngo isn’t that an organization's premised on recreational thuggery has once again indulged in recreational thuggery. That’s why it exists. What’s interesting is that so many left-leaning journalists have in the past been so eager to excuse or diminish this kind of thuggery and to frame others either as the aggressor or deserving of assault by people with borderline personality disorders.

The implication being that in this case, the poor put-upon Antifa goons, who are all terribly oppressed, felt threatened by the presence of the unimposing Mr. Ngo, and therefore retaliated (albeit pre-emptively) by jumping him from behind, robbing him, and putting him to the jackboot.

The not-at-all-sociopathic world of brass-knuckles and cement milkshakes of Antifa:
“Are you willing to die for YouTube shit? That’s what’s gonna come, man. Death is coming to you, dude. Real shit. Feel that energy? That’s why your heart’s pounding.” 
“You’re inherently violent,” screams an unhinged blue-and-purple-haired woman while repeatedly spitting on people and trying to punch them in the face. 
“Open the borders,” shout the masked bedlamites, while shutting down the pavements and restricting the movement of anyone they suspect of being insufficiently woke and deferential. “Say it loud, say it clear,” they chant. “Refugees are welcome here.” 
All while harassing the gay son of Vietnamese refugees whose home and business were confiscated by communists before being sent to a corrective labor camp, and whom they denounce as “racist, sexist, anti-gay,” and, of course, a “Nazi.”

Left-leaning journalists, commentators and noted Tweeter lefties, our self-imagined betters who tie themselves in rhetorical knots in order to diminish Antifa's assaults on observers and random strangers, often using the words “provocateur” and “antagonist.” Presumably on the basis that if you quietly film acts of mob thuggery by masked leftists, then clearly you deserve an ass-kicking and a stay in hospital. According to a sleazy American muslim Slate contributor, Mr Ngo “created an atmosphere of violence.” It bears repeating that these are not otherwise ordinary people who happen to be misinformed and making bad decisions, let alone heroes struggling bravely under enormous societal duress. There is no argument, no obvious contradiction that would be likely to change their minds or moderate their behavior. They, and their enablers, need to be dealt with with the full force and extent of domestic terrorist laws. 

A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Bernie Sanders Given Honor of Own Native American Name

A Middle Finger News Great Moments in History

Senator Bernie Sanders was invited to address a gathering of the Indian First Nations chiefs in Denver, CO. He spoke for almost an hour about his plans for increasing the standard of living for all of their citizens by totally free government grants for free college educations, free Medicare for all,etc.

He mentioned how he always supported these issues that came forward to him. Although Sanders was vague about the details for the funding of his plans, he spoke eloquently about his ideas if he wins the White House in 2020. At the conclusion of his speech, the chiefs presented him with a beautiful plaque inscribed with his new Indian name, "Walking Eagle."

The proud Sanders accepted the plaque and then returned to Washington. A news reporter asked the chiefs how they came to select the new name they had given to Sanders. They explained that "Walking Eagle" is the name given to a bird so full of shit it can no longer fly.

Via Overnight Thread@ACEHQ

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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

~ No Tuxedos Required ~

Brought To You By BLUESJUNKY: Chair of Music - Middle Finger Symphony Music Director

Beto’s Debate Journal

A Bit of Debate Satire from WFB

It's not uncommon for presidential candidates to scribble down some notes or talking points on sheets of paper during a debate. It is, however, highly unusual for candidates to leave behind a sprawling journal entry of the kind found on Beto O'Rourke's lectern following Wednesday night's showdown in Miami. What follows is a (lightly edited) transcript of the document, as obtained by the Washington Free Beacon:
-  "Here I am in the place where I come to get low. Miami, the bass and the sunset low." — Will Smith 
 -  Tonight, I am a dancing bear, to be jeered at by a fickle press corps who surrendered their hearts to me in Texas, only to decide I wasn't good enough to bring home to mom and dad, that I wasn't "‘long-term" material, that they always saw our relationship as "more of a side chick situation." I'm starting to think they only shacked up with me to get back at Ted. Just look at them, sitting there all smug, talking trash behind my back to all their friends. Assholes. 
-  Miami is the opposite of "punk," but at least everyone speaks Spanish here. On a related note, I owe Jeb Bush a debt of gratitude for reminding me to stop listing my ethnicity as "Hispanic." I'm not sure I could fake another apology for abusing my privilege. They would have roasted me for doing that, and yet somehow Pocahontas over here gets a pass. Maybe she's what the media had in mind when they told me they wanted to "try girls for a change."
-  If they call on Cory Booker before me and he starts speaking Spanish I am going to quit the race right here, right now. His accent is terrible. I wish I was black, though, or at least gay. America is a tapestry.  It's exhausting, spouting all this vague nonsense about "fair" taxation and "universal healthcare access". What am I even doing here? I miss the road. I miss the heartland. I miss the solitude of sunsets. Hell, I miss the blog, that feeling of discovery and the archeology of excavating words from dirt — the great American soil on which dreams are built. If it comes to that, I'll say I'm quitting because I miss my wife and kids. 
-  Relax, Beto. This is your chance to shine. Tienes el poder de las palabras. None of the other candidates would dare attack you. Not with Lyin' Liz Warren standing front and center. Not with Joe Biden leading the pack. You're the underdog, you're going to prove everyone wrong, even the media. - READ MORE

Friday, June 28, 2019

In Celebration of the Opening of the 2020 Election Campaign Season.....

....and the Democrats affirming to the entire country what their true colors really are in last night's debate, I give you this apropos tune for your listening enjoyment :

The Late Greats Jack Bruce & Rory Gallagher's impromptu live jam of "Politician"

Squinty Scarborough Scorches Dems Debate as “Disaster" to a Stunned Panel

From the look on Mika's face through most of this video, it makes one wonder if there will be any Meat Puppet humping at the Scarborough residence anytime soon...... 

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Lizzy Warren Sets ‘Jeopardy!’ Loss Record After Buzzing in With “What Is a New Government Program?” Every Time.

By Harvey@IMAO
CULVER CITY, CA (AP) – Hot on the heels of ‘Jeopardy!’ champion James Holzhauer’s 33-game, $2.5 million winning streak, Democrat Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren appeared on the show to set a record of her own. In Warren’s case, though, it was pretty much the exact opposite of Holzhauer’s run, as Warren defied all odds by actually obtaining the lowest theoretical possible score of -$58,000 by offering “what is a new government program?” as her response every time she buzzed in first, which she did every time host Alex Trebek read an answer.  
During a post-game interview, Warren seemed baffled by the turn of events. “I don’t understand,” said Warren. “I phrased it in the form of a question every time, didn’t I?

Beto is Toast

AOC Sobs at the Downfall of Her Socialist Ally

RS - I know it’s dangerous to make political prognostications this far out. The primary voting doesn’t start until Feb. of 2020 after all. But, I’m going to go ahead and say it. Beto O’Rourke’s candidacy is over.

With some people in the race, that wouldn’t exactly be going out on a limb, but Beto didn’t enter this race as a 3rd tier candidate. He had all the media attention and name recognition. He was so hip and cool. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. After initially competing well in the weeks following his announcement, the past few months have not been kind to Beto.

Last night was his chance to regain his footing and assert himself as a factor in the race. Didn’t Happen. At one point, Beto started speaking in Spanish for reasons only known to him and it led to the most meme-worthy thing of the night - Sparticus Booker Cory giving Beto the side eye when he starts answering questions in Spanish.

But it wasn’t just the look on Booker’s face. On substance he stumbled and flailed about, desperate to pander to the left while not appearing totally insane. It didn’t play well. Beto is asked about a 70 percent tax rate and somehow ends up talking about voter registration. Even rabidly liberal MSNBC, who spent the better part of 6 months fluffing Beto as the second coming when he ran against Ted Cruz in 2018, has jumped off the bandwagon.

Beto's take on the night:
Beto O'Rourke on #DemDebate performance: "I'd give myself an A."
He seemed out of sorts the entire night and it became abundantly clear, even to the left-wingers on MSNBC’s panel, that this guy is an empty suit. It’s all fun and games when you are running against a Republican. Not so much when you threaten the socialist dream by not being quite as crazy as Elizabeth Warren. Beto is learning the hard way that love in politics is fleeting. He’s done.

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